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Viral: When the newborn child removed the doctor’s mask, the signs of innocence were understood by people as ‘a ray of hope’

Many unique pictures or funny videos often make a place on the Internet and go viral on social media. Recently, the picture of a newborn baby taking off the doctor’s mask caught the attention of the people. The Dubai doctor took to Instagram to share the picture. In the picture, he is holding a newborn baby firmly and the child is trying to take off the doctor’s mask.

Photo of newborn baby wearing a doctor’s mask goes viral

The doctor shared the picture related to the current situation. He wrote that every person can understand with a hint when to remove his mask. As soon as the picture came in front, different reactions started to be seen on social media.

People expressed hope of better tomorrow on innocent’s performance

The social media user saw a ray of hope from the picture. People explained brighter tomorrow, saying that no mask will be needed and that the world will finally get rid of the corona virus. Some people saw the picture as a sign of better tomorrow, while some people praised it as the best picture of the year. A social media user wrote that the innocent has already found out what is right. We need to breathe.

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