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Viral Video: Why did you come late after having dinner? A young man pointed a pistol at another partner, know what happened next

The sensational video of the Brazilian police is going viral. On Friday, an incident in São Paulo shocked the people present on the spot. The police officer pointed out the pistol when his junior arrived only five minutes late. This moment can be shocking for any police personnel.

Policeman shoots pistol at his own colleague

People present on the scene were surprised to see this scene when a senior police officer fired a pistol at his own junior. He captured the incident on his camera. In the video that is going viral, it can be seen that Junior is trying to pull back the hand of his senior officer.

Jawan lost his temper when he arrived five minutes late

According to the report, the military police personnel went on lunch break and it was delayed by five minutes. This made his senior officer angry and lost his temper. After which, a pistol was pointed at Junior’s face. Seeing the debate between the two, other officers jumped in and took the senior jawan in custody.

The military police have described the ‘extremely serious’ and ‘unpleasant incident’ after the embarrassing scene surfaced. He suspended the two soldiers and informed them about the investigation of the incident. The statement said, “This attitude violates the basic values ​​of the institution, especially discipline, classification, professional skills, respect and human dignity. The statement calls for strict punishment if the allegations are proved.”

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