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Viral Video: When the ostrich race on the middle road in Pakistan, the video is becoming very viral.

A video of an ostrich running on the streets of Karachi is becoming viral on the Internet. A large number of users are sharing the clip on social media platforms. In the video, the ostrich became a runner, defeating many vehicles. Bike riders and four-wheelers are moving on the busy road and the bird can be seen overtaking the vehicles.

When the ostrich became runner on the middle road

When the ostrich who escaped from the zoo reached the busy road, people made a video of it and put it on the Internet. However, the running of the ostrich in the fun on the middle road definitely frightened some people. It is said that the video is from Korangi number 4 area of ​​Pakistan Karachi city. On 5 January, the bird escaped from the bird house and was seen in fun amid traffic.

Video is being shared with comments

While many people are enjoying the ostrich race, some users have also expressed concern about its safety.

Another user shared a dialogue of the Bollywood film on the video, writing, “Ja Simran Ja, Ji Le Apni Zindagi”.

While sharing the video, IFS officer Pravin Kaswan in India wrote on Twitter, “Poor beast does not understand what to do.”

It is said that after escaping from the zoo, the employees chased the ostrich and brought it back to the park. Police has confirmed this with the news agency UPI.

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