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Viral Video: When bull sharks and giant crocodiles encounter, know what happened then

Australia’s video is becoming viral on social media. This shocking video shows the moment of drone footage when a big crocodile in Australia encountered a bull shark.

Chelsea and Bryce were fishing near Ivanhoe Crossing in Kununurra, the Daily Mail reported, setting their drone camera when they saw movement in the water. Their drone had crocodiles and a bull shark a few feet away from each other. According to Newsweek, the crocodile was about 16 feet long.

Footage of this video went viral on social media, in which both appear face to face for a few seconds. But there is no fight between the two. The bull shark moves towards the crocodile, then changes its path and escapes.

Over 1.6 million views
This video has been viewed more than 1.6 lakh times on YouTube. Although this video is from last month. But recently it has become viral since it has been re-posted on many social media platforms.

Chelsea told the Daily Mail “I think it was rare, but maybe it’s good for people to see what’s around the water in the Kimberley area”.
At the same time, social media users are giving many types of feedback on this. Some users are also describing bull sharks as intelligent.

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