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Viral Video: Video of Bhangra in snow in Canada is a shadow on social media, see also you

A video of a Canadian dancer performing Bhangra in the snow has been covered in social media. Canadian dasar Gurdeep Pandher performed Bhangra with some people in the Yukon. Gurdeep Pandher shared a short clip of the Bhangra session in a Twitter post with some members of the French community of the Yukon amid heavy snowfall. After this video became viral on social media.

The Yukon is a region in northwest Canada. It is a wooded and hilly area, where Gurdeep Pandher hosts outdoor Bhangra classes. In the two-minute clip that Gurdeep shared on Twitter, he is seen teaching the steps of Bhangra to four people of the French community in a snow-covered area. People are eager to learn the steps of Bhangra.

The temperature did not decrease even at -20 ° C.
Gurdeep Pandher wrote in the caption of his post “Outdoor Bhangra class in Yukon. When the temperature is -20 ° C (-30 ° C with windchill) and above it, then this friend of Yukon’s French community from Physically Distilled and Pandemic While being safe, she joined the Bhangra class for happiness, exercise and positivity. “

People are praising on social media
Gurdeep Pandher’s video has received more than one lakh views and 4,000 likes. People have liked this video a lot and people are praising it by giving their reactions in various ways.

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