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Viral Video: The man did a banging dance on Bollywood songs, also danced to Deepika’s ‘Ghoomar’ song

America: These days the video of a person’s dance is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Many dance videos of this man from Washington are making headlines. This man named Ricky L. Pond, who lives in Washington, is seen dancing on Bollywood songs.

Pond describes himself as ‘Dancing Daddy’. He is seen dancing with his family and children in his dance video. Actually, Ponds started to become popular with tick-talk, which are now winning the hearts of people on Instagram.

Pond shared a dance video on his song ‘Ghoomar’ while congratulating Deepika Padukone on her birthday. Thousands of likes were found on this video. At the same time, many people commented and gave immense love.

Earlier, he shared a video on the song ‘O son ji’ from the Netflix film Ludo. Which people liked very much. This video got more than 54 thousand likes in 2 days.

Pond is not only seen dancing on Bollywood songs, but he has also danced from Punjabi songs to Tamil songs.

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