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Viral Video: Golfer went to snatch ball from crocodile, know what happened then?

People of Internet publicity cross the limit many times. People go out of their way to get likes and views on videos and take risks. And for this reason, videos of people getting injured or injured have also come to light many times. But the madness of being famous is such that people are ready to do anything. A Florida golfer did something similar …

Video of Florida golfer Kyle Dowce is becoming increasingly viral on the Internet. In which he is seen performing a dangerous stunt. A stunt is such that one can press the finger under the teeth. Let us know that Kyle is seen doing these stunts with a dangerous animal. In fact, in the video of Kyle becoming viral, he is with his brother at the Coral Oaks Golf Course in Cape Coral. Where he is seen lifting a ball from the grass, but the special thing is that the ball is placed near a crocodile resting on the banks of a lake. As soon as Kyle goes to pick up the ball, the crocodile becomes alert and goes into the water fast. Kyle also retreats completely.


Dowse shared this video on his Facebook account. In which many people have given their feedback. Someone wrote praising Kyle saying that he is very brave, then someone wrote that this was an unnecessary risk. Which could have been very dangerous.

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