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Viral Video: Dog was trapped in Mexico’s flood, then you must see what happened

A very exuberant video has emerged from Mexico. Due to the flood, a dog was trapped in the water, which was saved by some Mexican navy. This video of Mexico is becoming increasingly viral on social media. As soon as this video came on social media, people thanked the helpers for removing the dog from water and saving it. He also appreciated them.

Actually, Mexico is flooded due to floods. During this time, a dog appeared frightened, holding the railing in the water. The dog was holding the railing and protecting itself from drowning in water. So some helpers reached him in the boat and took the dog out of there and made him sit in his boat. This video was shared by Rex Chapman, an American basketball player on his social media account and also wrote, “Mexico is heavily flooded. These helpful people in a boat found a dog scared, scared and trapped in the water due to the flood.” Whom he saved. This is the hero. “

Earlier, this video was shared by Ivan Hernandez. He said that the Mexican Navy rescued the dog trapped in the water. He shared another video in which a Mexican Navy woman is seen carrying the dog to a safe place.

As soon as the video came on social media, people got emotional and thanked the helpers and thanked them.

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