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Viral Video: Deer trapped in cold frozen lake, video of saving in a unique way went viral

The video of a man rescuing a deer trapped in a cold-frozen lake is becoming viral on social media. Users are praising this person. In this video, a deer is seen sitting on a frozen lake and a person is pushing it to the other side.

Sharing the viral video, a Twitter user Danny Derani wrote the caption, “You want to see a person rescuing a deer that is taking the deer back to the frozen lake safely.”

Gently pushed out on the ice and took it out
When this video clip starts, a person is seen pushing a deer across a frozen lake. This man walks slowly to avoid snow and the deer is sitting leisurely. The person recording the clip can be heard laughing in this comical situation.

As soon as this person reaches the other side of the lake, the deer jump up and try to stand. But due to the slippery snow, he is not able to do it, so the rescuer helps him and pushes him. Finally the deer escapes safely.

A man named Jill Lencor, who saved the buck, told NBC, “He was struggling and needed help getting out of the snow. I started pushing him to help him and he slowly reached the edge. Gone and then left. “

After sharing the video on Twitter, it went viral and got 4.4 million views and 2.6 lakh likes. Users are responding to this and praising the person who saved.

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