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Viral Video: 4-year-old innocent gets a good farewell from hospital after winning a 9-month long battle with Kovid-19

The heart-touching video of the reception of the innocent by the hospital personnel on social media is going viral. The four-year-old girl finally got rid of Kovid-19 in the hospital. Last month, Stella Martin was sent home from the University of New Mexico Hospital after a battle with the Corona virus for 9 months. The hospital announced this with the video posted.

Heart-stirring video is going viral

In the footage, the innocent can be seen greeting the health workers on wheelchairs while exiting and welcoming them with applause. “4-year-old innocent is leaving the hospital after a tough struggle with Kovid-19,” the hospital said. It further stated, “Stella came to the hospital last year after being infected with the corona virus. She spent more than 5 months in a pediatric ICU and joined the CTH acute service in October.” On behalf of the hospital on Twitter, it was written, “We are celebrating his recovery and the tireless dedication and dedication of our health workers towards the patient.”

Girl gets liberation after 9 months of battle with Corona

According to the report of Good Morning America, the innocent is an asthma patient. In April, a corona infection was detected for the first time after complaining of back pain. Asthma is a condition in which the symptoms of people infected with the corona virus become severe. On being taken to the hospital, the doctors revealed that he had a spinal cord swelling. The girl’s mother told doctors that due to infection of Kovid-19, her spinal system was becoming very bad. The next morning, he was confirmed to be Corona positive. Later, after damage to the lungs, the innocent went into a week-long coma. The girl is believed to have been infected by her father. In April, his father left the world due to the intricacies of Kovid-19.

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