VinSmart – a giant step forward of the 2-year-old brand

As a brand that is only 2 years old, Vinsmart has reached the top 3 smartphone market share in Vietnam, mastered production technology, pioneered the development and commercialization of hidden camera phones, prepared a plan to conquer the market. America…

15 months from “latecomer” to “pioneer”

At 16:30 pm on December 14, 2018, VinSmart – a strange name, just recently entered the mobile phone market in 6 months suddenly launched the first series of 4 products named Joy 1, Joy 1+, Active 1 and Active 1+. At that time, VinSmart was like a magnet that attracted all attention not only because of the capital of 3,000 billion to build the most modern manufacturing factory in the region, but also by the way the Vietnamese telephone company shook hands with the names. world famous as Qualcomm right from the moment he entered the market.

Overview of the Vsmart factory in Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park.

Although the appearance of a Vietnamese brand name is interesting, not everyone is optimistic because VinSmart is a late starting point, when the market has been shaped by big names like Apple, Samsung, Oppo, …

However, in the middle of the land filled with footprints of these giants, products with the brand Vsmart still live well. In a short time, the Vietnamese telephone company continuously covered the market with a series of models from popular to high-end.

Breaking off VinSmart’s step-by-step path, technology experts have to admit that its products are successful because the pieces seem to be contradictory, but exist in parallel: good price, configuration Outstanding and differentiated customer care policy from the rest. One of the most memorable milestones is that in February 2020, VinSmart created a shock on the market when it sold 12,000 Vsmart Joy3 phones in just 14 hours – a record in the Vietnamese phone market.

In the same price range, Vietnamese phones have almost no rivals in terms of configuration. Especially the rookie VinSmart way of taking care of customers in an unprecedented way: 18-month warranty, 101-day one-for-one warranty, many times longer than normal on the market.

VinSmart - a giant step forward of the 2-year-old brand

Vietnamese users are eager to experience the Vsmart 5G phone model “Make in Vietnam”

Therefore, the market share of VinSmart started at zero, step by step steadily moving forward and by March 2020, the Vietnamese phone company was in the top 3 with 16.7% market share in the last week of March. know, in the mobile phone market, the threshold of 15% market share is always a difficult mountain to overcome. VinSmart not only quickly captured that milestone but also continuously maintained its top 3 position for many months – unprecedented, according to experts in this field.

TS. Mai Liem Truc, Former Deputy Minister of Post and Telecommunications (now the Ministry of Information and Communications), a veteran expert in the industry, once predicted that VinSmart will account for over 10% of the market after 1-2 years, shared that he was “surprised but not surprised” by the speed of VinSmart. Thanks to the quality and high-class customer care policy, VinSmart has changed from a “follower” to “a fast walker, a pioneer” and, as Dr. Mai Liem Truc says, now a “pioneer,” lead”.

Steps to conquer the world

Looking back on VinSmart’s journey, from the imported products on the basis of buying intellectual property rights, after only a short time, VinSmart’s Vietnamese engineers have been completely autonomous from hardware design, operating system. onions to production. Vsmart Live 4, born in August 2020, is the highlight of the 100% “make in Vietnam” journey of a Vietnamese phone brand.

In particular, the source of Vietnamese gray matter at VinSmart has made something that even big names in the world have to admire.

In September 2020, VinSmart launched the Vsmart Aris Pro – one of the world’s first hidden camera smartphones. While the whole technology world has been racing for years to find solutions for Notchless phones, ie completely overflowing, with no “rabbit ears”, no “water drops”, VinSmart is faster than the rest. The technology named Vcam Kristal, developed by the Vingroup ecosystem unit, VinAI Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence, has helped Vsmart Aris Pro overcome the optical barrier of the hidden camera generation, becoming the pride of the world. Vietnamese technology.

VinSmart - a giant step forward of the 2-year-old brand

Vsmart Aris stands out with a luxurious metal frame design, the world’s first glass back and hidden camera.

In a recent technology sharing session, Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong, General Director of VinSmart Phone Division revealed her plan to bring the Vsmart Aris series across the sea and conquer the US market. Besides Aris series, there are also other upcoming flagships of the company.

In fact, VinSmart’s global vision has been revealed before and it is clear that the Vietnamese telephone company has carefully prepared for an expedition. Information released from the prestigious Bloomberg magazine said that VinSmart is producing 2 million phones for the second largest US operator. With the recognition of production capacity and international quality, this is a very good premise for Vsmart phones to reach and conquer the most demanding market in the world.

Sharing about the “miracles” of VinSmart, Dr. Mai Liem Truc said that Vietnam has the right to hope that in the near future, not only Vietnam but also world users will eagerly wait for the release of models. New Vsmart, similar to what’s going on with Apple or Samsung.

Experts say that, above all, VinSmart has written one of the best inspirational stories on its own. VinSmart’s journey “from a follower to a pioneer” has contributed to breaking the stereotype about a Vietnam that “a snail can’t make” and has a positive effect on the business community. From here, Vietnamese businesses have more motivation and inspiration to be determined to stretch and become a giant.

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