VinID Pay achieved an international security certificate

On December 3, 2020, VinID Pay e-wallet was announced by the PCI Security Standards Council – Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) level 1.

The PCI DSS Certificate is a globally recognized security certificate for international card payment service providers with over 200 requirements on standards to be applied to protect the interests of cardholders (customers ) and card issuer. In which, level 1 of PCI DSS is the highest level, usually only available to banks and international card issuers or suppliers owning more than 6 million transactions / year.

Mr. Pham Anh Liem, Security Director of OneID Joint Stock Company (the owner of VinID Pay) said: “The achievement of the international security certification level 1 PCI DSS is a testament to our continuous efforts VinID e-wallet vacation aims to provide partners and customers with the safest and most convenient payment platform. We are committed to ensuring absolute safety for transactions and important information of customers who trust VinID Pay services ”.

In 2020, VinID Pay e-wallet was honored to receive a series of important awards including Top 10 notable IT companies in the Fintech field, E-wallet with user-friendly interface for Nhip Cau Magazine. invest in voting and E-wallet has the best core banking software technology.

With the highest level of international security certification, partners and customers of VinID Pay e-wallet are completely assured of the security of the system. This is also an important foundation for VinID Pay to continue to expand cooperation with major partners globally.

Minh Tuan


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