VinFuture honors science that brings new values

Nature Journal – the prestigious journal of the international scientific community – has just had an article on the VinFuture Prize of Vietnam, aiming to call scientists from around the world to join in the registration of nominations.

The Nature Journal also recognizes VinFuture’s lofty goal towards honoring the value of research that contributes to world change.

Nature magazine quoted GS. Gérard Mourou, winner of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics: “We may all not speak the same language, but we can connect scientists on this Earth to move towards a common goal, such as repelling the Covid-19 epidemic and other challenging problems. This is an extremely encouraging thing and a wonderful example of solidarity on a global scale ”.

Scientist Gérard Mourou – winner of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics

In particular, according to Ms. Le Mai Lan – Vice Chairman of Vingroup cum VinFure Fund Authorized Representative, up to now, the VinFuture global science award has had more than 700 scientists and prestigious organizations. Credit from more than 36 countries, representing 6 continents registered to participate in submitting nominations after more than 1 month to open the gate.

“The impressive figure shows the positive response from the world scientific community, as well as the meaningful goal of serving humanity of VinFuture”, Ms. Lan emphasized.

The leading international scientific magazine quoted information, starting from Vietnam, the prize value of VinFuture Grand Prize is up to 3 million USD. This award is worth three times more than any other scientific award in the region. In addition, VinFuture also won 3 special prizes, each with a value of 500 thousand USD for female scientists, scientists from developing countries and research scientists in new fields.

The seminar on VinFuture Awards on April 2 brings together scientists from around the world

Along with famous scientific awards such as Nobel, Turing and Fields, the VinFuture Award is committed to recognizing breakthrough technological research and innovation to improve the quality of human life, while creating to a more equal and sustainable world. This is committed by VinFuture to the award’s nomination criteria, such as compliance with at least one United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Ms. Le Mai Lan added: “Awards are needed to promote the application of science and technology for everyone, regardless of age, nationality, gender or income.

“Scientists are acutely aware of the diversity and severity of the problems facing our society today. Therefore, any initiatives such as the VinFuture Prize will be warmly welcomed by the community ”, GS. Mourou, a famous scientist and also one of the members of the Award Council, said.

This is the powerful driving force behind the creation of a new science and technology award, with the desire to honor the value of research that contributes to world change.



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