VinFuture Awards Week – the convergence of the pinnacle of global science

VinFuture Foundation has just announced the activity schedule of Science Week, with 4 main activities in the series of events of the 1st VinFuture Awards Ceremony, taking place from January 18 to 21, 2022 in Hanoi.

This is an international event, bringing together world-class scientists to Vietnam to join hands to promote the mission of serving humanity in a practical and effective way.

VinFuture Science Week is an important and large-scale event of the global science and technology world, attracting the attention of thousands of scientists, policy makers and business people from 6 continents. Especially, for the first time, the world’s most influential scientists will gather in Vietnam to participate in 4 main activities of VinFuture Science Week including:

1. Exchange with the Award Council and the Preliminary Committee (morning January 18)

Chairman of the VinFuture Award Council – Prof. Sir Richard Henry Friend from the University of Cambridge (UK), winner of the 2010 Physics Technology Millennium Prize; GS. Gérard Mourou – École Polytechnique (France), winner of the 2018 Nobel Prize in Physics and many scientists from the Prize Council and VinFuture Preliminary Council… will share about passion, achievements and sacrifices of scientists.

In addition to the goal of inspiring and fostering passion for creative research, the Exchange will open up Vietnamese scientists the ability to approach large-scale projects around the world.

2. Seminar “Science for Life” (January 19)

Participating in the Seminar were eminent scientists such as Prof. Sir Richard Henry Friend, Prof. Gérard Mourou, Prof. Antonio Facchetti, Prof. Sir Konstantin (Kostya) S. Novoselov, Prof. Jennifer Tour Chayes; together with leaders of the Ministries of Health, Science and Technology, Information and Communication, scientists, experts and entrepreneurs from prestigious domestic and international organizations.

In particular, the event was attended by scientists who have made great contributions to humanity in the fight against the global Covid-19 pandemic such as scientist Katalin Kariko, Professor of Immunology Drew Weissman, Prof. Pieter R. Cullis – the people behind the mRNA technology for the preparation of the Covid-19 vaccine (original technology of Pfizer, Moderna); GS. Quarraisha Abdool Karim and Salim Abdool Karim – epidemiologists with great contributions to the fight against HIV and many other infectious diseases.

VinFuture Awards Week - the convergence of the pinnacle of global science

The seminar has 3 discussion sessions; each session will last 90 minutes with the following topics: Future of Energy, Future of Artificial Intelligence, Future of Global Health – focusing on trends, forecasting important life changes living with the strong participation of science and technology. These are also hot issues, which are of interest to the scientific community and account for a large proportion of the nominations for the VinFuture Award in 2021.

The seminar “Science for Life” is expected to connect thought and action, promote the support of science and technology to create new breakthroughs, contribute to improving lives, towards development. sustainable development for the planet and future generations.

3. VinFuture Award Ceremony (January 20 evening, Hanoi Opera House)

The VinFuture Awards Ceremony will be held according to the most solemn ceremony with the witness of Vietnamese State leaders and outstanding scientists, who are the owners of world-renowned scientific awards such as Nobel, Millennium Technology, Turing…

Next was a top-notch art performance designed specifically for the awards ceremony, with the participation of two famous stars who have won many prestigious academic awards in music, Artist John Legend and Artist Dang. Thai Son.

VinFuture Awards Week - the convergence of the pinnacle of global science
Artist John Legend

The award ceremony will be broadcast live on Vietnam Television and broadcast to the world through international media channels specializing in science and technology.

4. Interacting with VinFuture Prize Owners (January 21 morning, VinUni University, Hanoi)

Held right after the award announcement night, the exchange had a special inspirational meaning to the public when the award holders of the first VinFuture season shared about their life, motivation and research journey. to create award-winning inventions.

VinFuture Science Week also has many interesting side activities such as workshops, exhibitions, public lectures, etc., which are expected to attract the large participation of scientists and the public.

Being held annually, the VinFuture Awards will position Vietnam as a new destination on the global science and technology map, contributing to creating a foundation for the domestic science and technology to integrate with the world. . In particular, VinFuture will open up opportunities for top-notch intellectual connections between scientists, policy makers and businesses, converging resources to jointly promote the commercialization process and bring ideas to life. The idea of ​​research into serving life in a practical and effective way is exactly like the mission “Science at the service of humanity” that the award proposes.

Thu Loan

Awarding VinFuture Prizes for 4 scientific works serving humanity in 2021

Awarding VinFuture Prizes for 4 scientific works serving humanity in 2021

One year after its launch, the VinFuture Award Council has completed its appraisal and agreed to honor four outstanding scientific works that have had a positive impact on the lives of millions of people around the world.

Mission to break down barriers and inspire from VinFuture Awards

Mission to break down barriers and inspire from VinFuture Awards

The Independent (UK) has just published an article by Sir Richard Friend, Professor of Physics at the University of Cambridge, showing a perspective on innovation in science and technology. Notably, more than half of the articles are devoted to analysis of the VinFuture award.


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