Vincent Paul-Boncour: “We restore nobility to DVD”

INTERVIEW – For more than twenty years, Carlotta Films has watched over the flame of cinephilia in theaters and on video. Vincent Paul-Boncour is its director.

LE FIGARO. – Movie theater distributor and video editor of heritage films, is it the same job?

Vincent PAUL-BONCOUR. – My first job is a theatrical film distributor. I began by Death on the hunt, by Hitchcock, in restored copy, in 35 mm. A well-known and recognized work that we no longer saw in the cinema. I wanted to bring a new generation to discover it on the big screen. It was in 1998, in the days of VHS, which was not a noble medium for cinephilia. In 2000, the DVD arrived and we extended our theatrical work with video in a natural way. I already had a precise editorial vision, the desire to make beautiful objects, with supplements. DVD has revolutionized the way you watch movies at home. Carlotta’s first outing is The Trilogy of Life de Pasolini, for which I also had the theater rights. We tested the synergy between the supports. It has remained our way of doing things.

Movie theaters and DVDs don’t compete with each other?

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