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Vijay Mallya gets some relief from court, permission to withdraw money for expenses

London: The London High Court has given some relief to the liquor businessman Vijay Mallya. In fact, the High Court has allowed Vijay Mallya to take around 11 lakhs from the amount kept through the court to meet his living and legal expenses.

Judge Nigel Burnett of the Sub-Court of Insolvency and Company Affairs presided over the hearing regarding withdrawal of money from the court fund office. The hearing took place under the insolvency action being taken through Indian banks led by State Bank of India for non-payment of debt.

Permission from court

Through this order, the former Kingfisher Airlines chief has been allowed to withdraw money from the court to meet the legal expenses regarding his stay and opposition to the bankruptcy petition.

Let me tell you that Vijay Mallya is in Britain on bail and he has lost another legal battle to extradite India to face charges of fraud and money laundering.

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