Viettel’s destination is to master the national digital transformation infrastructure

It is no longer a distant dream, step by step, from the “heart of the OCS network” to the gNodeB transceiver, or more recently, the Site Router device… Viettel is confident in mastering 100% of telecommunications technology. It all started with a desire…

General Director of Viettel High-Tech Industry Corporation (VHT) Nguyen Vu Ha shared about Viettel’s journey from the starting line with many round zeros.

Mastering the numbers 0

– Usually with telecommunications network technology, companies around the world will keep the core technologies secret. How can Viettel solve that problem so that it can have experience and human resources to produce telecommunications equipment like today?

Actually, the answer is very simple: First, keep setting high goals to do. When we start working, it will gradually fall apart. When we do we will fail – but we must have faith that after failure we will find success. One advantage is that Viettel has the knowledge of operators who directly operate and exploit. If this knowledge is quickly put into the equipment, it will be modernized quickly.

The second is the effort to achieve the high goal that we have set.

The third thing is especially important, that Viettel has a parallel system for us to test. From there, we have a goal, a method, an evaluation and help the product come out faster.

– But if it was a dream from the beginning, when did Viettel believe that it could do it? What motivated Viettel to do it?

The most important thing I think is the trust of the leadership. Until now, Viettel has had the good fortune that the group’s leaders come from technical people. They understand deeply about technology, understand thoroughly the things that make up the telecommunications technology system from the smallest things.

Therefore, the work from disassembling the large system into subsystems; subsystems know which main problem, which sub-problem… Belief is also formed from that, because when looking at a whole system, it is very big. But when you rearrange the system, select the problems, and focus the forces on such small pieces, the impossible becomes possible.

The second thing is to have courage. For example, doing OCS (real-time billing system), without the courage of the Group’s Board of Directors, there would be no OCS today.

After testing the Viettel network in a small volume (several million subscribers), the Group’s Board of Directors decided to dump the entire Viettel network (more than 60 million subscribers). This requires real courage because it can affect hundreds of billions of corporate revenue. If there’s a mistake… it’s hard to imagine. That courage also motivates the brothers who are directly researching day and night.

The third thing is the belief of Viettel staff. In the process of implementing and operating the device, the network quality in the early days was not stable, there were many failure stories, many times of destruction to start from zero, but you always try your best. and always show faith that they can definitely make it. I have never seen anyone ask to give up, they are more proud and eager to do that task than anyone.

The bright door for 5G Viettel in the international market

– Looking out to the world, ordinary businesses do not go straight, but follow an oil spill strategy. They choose to work with partners who have experience building teams and then do bigger, newer, more challenging things. So why did Viettel choose another way to go straight to core technology – the hardest part?

Viettel’s difference is not that we go absolutely straight. When we set goals, we get straight to the core. At the same time, Viettel is looking for small technology partners – but very good in each narrow field. It takes knowing who is the best in the world in every small area to work with.

If we only shake hands with the “big guys”, the possibility that we will become phased workers to gradually learn to master will take a long time and will not create a deep understanding of technology.

Viettel's destination is to master the national digital transformation infrastructure

– Viettel has mastered the entire 4G network telecommunications technology ecosystem. So what is the goal of 5G and where has it gone now?

We believe that the 5G development strategy is part of the national strategy. 5G will penetrate deeply into life, from IoT, from multi-media services, big data… Therefore, from the premise of successfully mastering 4G network, VHT will definitely focus on promoting full-scale research. 5G network. The mission of VHT will have to cover all layers of 5G from radio, transmission to the core network.

So far, Viettel has mastered the 5G core network, transmitting for 5G. The remaining BTS stations with large capacity, large coverage, are expected to be completed around the end of this year.

– So with 5G, which market will Viettel target?

The first is to serve the Vietnamese market and 10 countries Viettel has invested in telecommunications business. Second, we’ll be working with a number of partners from the start and target mature markets.

I think so because currently developed markets such as the US and Europe – the research and development community of telecommunications technology is very small. They are now mainly working on start-ups, in finance… much higher profits, easier to do.

It’s rare to work on systems and telecommunications technology because of the time and need for a large system. This is also one of the reasons that another company once dominated the European and American markets. So this is a bright door, an opportunity for Viettel.

The goal is to master the national digital transformation infrastructure

– Currently, in the world, besides Viettel, there are only 5 companies that have successfully produced network equipment for 5G including Ericsson, Nokia, Huawei, Samsung and ZTE. So is Viettel’s product research method different from those big names?

Viettel’s way of doing things is much different from other suppliers. When Viettel researched and provided telecommunications equipment, all the clues from the product design team, the exploitation and operation team worked together from the beginning. As for other suppliers, when the research is completed, they will train their equipment design and operation team. This feature is because Viettel is the only enterprise that is both a receiving representative and a supplier, so we have many advantages.

This process advantage helps the product when it comes into practice to meet the market immediately. First respond right at the problem of operating and exploiting Viettel’s own services. Viettel has a special advantage that no other supplier has, which is the synergy between Viettel’s corporations to create Made by Viettel products.

Viettel's destination is to master the national digital transformation infrastructure

VTNet (Viettel Network Corporation) – VTT (Viettel Telecom Corporation) are the leading units, giving specific targets for VHT to research and produce. Our 3 corporations have worked together in each study, each project team has the participation of 3 parties, so the operation problem does not take much time to try again and again.

At the same time, we also own an ecosystem within the group to own equipment production, avoiding outsourcing production abroad with equipment and molds manufactured at M1, M3’s factories. Recently, M1 was recognized as the most prestigious equipment exporter in 2020 by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

– Up to this point, when Viettel claimed to have the ability to produce telecommunications equipment, many people thought that it was just a name polish. So, can you say in a convincing way that: Viettel has done it, is doing it and will continue to do it?

Viettel makes telecommunications equipment not to serve communication, nor to prove to the world, but first to serve Viettel itself. Everything that Viettel does is answer with products.

As of today, the results have been quantified in terms of products. The product has been put into practice, tested by hundreds of millions of customers, we can’t say wrong.

But it should be affirmed that our destination is not telecommunications infrastructure. Viettel’s destination is a larger infrastructure – serving the people, serving the whole country. Telecommunications infrastructure is just the beginning.

In the next three years, Viettel will change its goals, change its destination. Telecommunications infrastructure is the national digital transformation infrastructure, serving the country’s digital transformation infrastructure, is the future picture of the country’s autonomy: ensuring technology, ensuring national security family.

Viettel is the most influential Vietnamese enterprise in terms of innovation in 2021 in South Asia and Southeast Asia, according to an independent assessment report by Clarivate – the leading company in providing information on quality information. research and innovation. Clarivate’s assessment is based on four criteria: Number of patents; Number of citations; Success of the patent; Degree of globalization.

Announced on September 21 in London (UK), the list of 276 institutions launched by Clarivate includes universities, government research agencies and technology corporations that lead innovation. innovation in 2021 globally.

In South Asia and Southeast Asia, there are 27 accredited institutions. Viettel is the only Vietnamese enterprise in this list.

According to the list of the United States Patent and Trademark Administration (USPTO), Viettel is the industrial – high-tech enterprise of Vietnam with the most patents protected by the US. By the end of September 2021, Viettel had 44 patents granted in Vietnam and 07 patents granted in the United States.

Viettel is also a company that both owns a network and researches and develops telecommunications equipment. Viettel’s successful testing of video calls on self-researched and manufactured gNodeB 5G transceivers in early 2021 has put Vietnam on the list of 6 countries possessing 5G technology.

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