Viettel, MobiFone are allowed to test 5G commercial

After successfully testing 5G calls with Vietnamese equipment, this is the next move deployed by the Ministry of Information and Communications to prepare for the commercialization of 5G.

The Ministry of Information and Communications (the Ministry of Information and Communications) has just granted a license to test commercial network and 5G telecommunications services for the military Industry-Telecommunication Corporation (Viettel) and MobiFone Telecom Corporation.

Under this license, the Ministry of Information and Communications allows Viettel to test commercial network and 5G telecommunications services in Hanoi, with a scale not exceeding 140 locations.

Viettel will also be granted the right to use the planned 2,500-2,600MHz, 3,700-3,800MHz and 27,100-27,500MHz bands for commercial testing of 5G.

Viettel, MobiFone are allowed to test 5G commercial. Photo: Trong Dat

With MobiFone, this operator is tested for commercial 5G in Ho Chi Minh City with the number of no more than 50 BTS.

MobiFone is allowed to use the 2,600MHz band to experiment with the national radio frequency spectrum plan and regulations on radio frequency management.

Both Viettel and MobiFone trial 5G licenses will be valid until June 30, 2021.

Unlike the previous test, which was heavily technical, the target audience of this trial was mobile subscribers. This is an important test to help carriers evaluate the technology and the market before officially implementing commercialization of 5G in Vietnam.

Test subjects for 5G will be mobile subscribers. Photo: Trong Dat

According to the newly approved license, the testing must comply with regulations on management of telecommunications standards, quality, assurance of network safety, information safety and return of telecommunications resources that are granted for testing later. when the testing license expires or upon request from the Ministry of Information and Communications. In case of trying to expand the scale of the experiment, the enterprises will have to get approval from the ministry.

Last week, Viettel High-Tech Industry Corporation (under Viettel group) and VinSmart Research and Production Joint Stock Company (under Vingroup) also signed a cooperation agreement on research and development of the system. 5G gNodeB mobile base station.

These are all concrete steps that show Vietnam’s phased approach to 5G development towards mass commercialization by 2021.

Trong Dat


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