Viettel Global will trade … agricultural, forest products, live animals?

This is quite surprising because so far Viettel Global has been famous for its telecommunications products and services in a number of countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

According to the document of the annual general meeting of shareholders in 2022 of Viettel International Investment Joint Stock Corporation (Viettel Global), this unit is expected to approve the proposal to add a series of new business lines.

Specifically, in the report to the general meeting of shareholders, Viettel Global’s Board of Directors proposed to approve the addition of 4 industries to the Corporation’s Certificate of Business Registration.

These professions include: Brokerage agent, commodity auction; Data processing, leasing and related activities; IT services and other services related to computers.

Notably, in the additional proposed business lines, there are wholesale of agricultural and forestry products, raw materials (except wood, bamboo) and live animals.

A Viettel employee instructs people to use products of Lumitel network operator in Burundi (Africa).

Explaining this decision, Viettel Global’s Board of Directors said that currently the Corporation is signing a number of contracts with markets to provide services, goods, telecommunications equipment, information technology and in In the near future, we plan to carry out some more commercial activities related to this content. Therefore, Viettel Global needs to carry out additional business lines of “commercial brokerage” to make business more convenient.

In addition, based on the strategic direction and the transformation of operations in the coming time, it is expected that Viettel Global will need to add more lines to serve the business of digital services, solutions to recover capital by goods. chemical.

This is the reason why Viettel Global plans to add information technology services and other services related to computers.

According to Viettel Global, some investment markets of this unit are experiencing a shortage of USD supply, leading to the fact that subsidiaries/affiliated companies do not have USD sources to repay the equipment purchase contract with the corporation.

Therefore, Viettel Global plans to sign contracts to purchase agricultural products with these companies. Therefore, Viettel Global needs to supplement the wholesale business of agricultural and forestry products (except wood, bamboo) and live animals.

Currently, Viettel Global is providing services in 11 countries around the world.

The latest figures show that, in 2021, Viettel Global’s total consolidated revenue will reach 22,618 billion VND, up 9.5% compared to 2020. Consolidated profit before tax is 880 billion VND, down 320 billion VND compared to 2020. 2020 (1,200 billion VND).

According to the plan, Viettel Global’s total consolidated revenue in 2022 will be 23,000 billion dong, consolidated pre-tax profit will remain positive until the equivalent of 2021. This unit also aims to grow by 2.5 more. million subscribers to telecommunications services this year.

Trong Dat


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