Viettel, an internal resource named Intellectual Property

By the end of September 2021, Viettel owned 339 domestic patent applications, 49 patent applications in the US, of which 44 were granted in Vietnam and 7 were granted in the US in the United States. many different fields.

Self-mastering technology to breakthrough

In 2014, when Viettel was just starting to learn how to produce 4G, the world had come a long way. According to Mr. Nguyen Cuong Hoang – Deputy General Director of Viettel High-Tech Corporation, at that time, Viettel went to Canada to find a partner to learn. An attractive offer that Viettel received from its partner Tiktelic is to receive technology transfer, 1 year will have 4G. The problem lies in the fact that the partner only transfers the equipment, design, not the algorithm.

Thus, when it needs to upgrade, Viettel will depend on its partners, especially at that time, researchers have begun to talk about 5G. Depending on a partner has never been an option for Viettel. Viettel’s leadership quickly decided to invest in laboratories and people to master 4G technology.

In 2018, “Method of quality assessment and fault isolation based on calculation of radio processing throughput of eNode system receiver” with 4 algorithmic formulas was born that helped Viettel master 4G technology. What is more surprising is that after that momentum, in 2020, Viettel has successfully developed network equipment for 5G, catching up with leading 5G countries in the world such as the US, Australia, Japan and South Korea.

Before that, in 2011, after more than 7 years of using the charging system of the world’s leading partners, but it had to be changed once every 3 years, each time taking a few months to a year, Mr. Deputy General Director of Viettel Group, told the Research and Production Department: “Being dependent on a partner like this is like being tied up and tied up. I have to do it myself.”

In 2016, the vOCS3.0 real-time billing system was born, serving more than 170 million subscribers in 11 countries. Stepping out of the boundaries of a telecommunications billing system, vOCS 3.0 becomes the core technology for the development of Mobile Money and ePass non-stop toll collection…

The stories above show that open source from leading technology companies can shorten the time and save costs from idea to product to market, but to create competitive strength lies in technology. core technology.

The power of intellectual property

In order to progress quickly and firmly, Viettel Group’s leadership always clearly defines the direction for research and production: “Do it yourself is the main thing, combine technology transfer in parts; master system design, system integration and core technology, foundation technology”.

Nearly 20 years with a strategic vision called VTOPIC (Virtual: Using simulation tools; latest Technology: Going straight into researching the latest technologies; Open: Thinking and acting in an open direction; People: Thu) attracting talented people; Investment: Fast and synchronous investment in infrastructure; Challenge: Working hard and challenging), hundreds of billions of dong were invested to build facilities and invest in human resources. Along with that, there are hundreds of thousands of hours of hard work in the lab, many nights of staying up, the rain and wind to test the field of thousands of Viettel people…

To add value to research results, especially in the global “race”, intellectual property is an effective weapon.

“The core technologies are protected by intellectual property so that competitors cannot copy them, creating a competitive advantage. Viettel is in the process of accumulating that,” emphasized Mr. Nguyen Cuong Hoang.

In particular, in the past August, 2 patents “Weighted Load Balancing Method on Data Access Points” and “Hybrid Multiplexer with General Gate and Co-Directed Signal Gate” were patented by the Vietnam Administration of Industry and Trade. Patents and Trademarks (USPTO) granted protection.

Viettel, an internal resource named Intellectual Property

Viettel, an internal resource named Intellectual Property

Accumulated to the end of August 2021, Viettel has a total of 339 domestic patent applications, 49 patent applications in the US. Of which, 44 patents were granted in Vietnam and 7 were granted in the US. Particularly, Viettel High Technology Corporation (VHT) owns 243 domestic patent applications, 27 patent applications in the United States, of which 33 are granted in Vietnam and 6 are granted patents. level in the US.

Thanks to the right strategy and long-term vision, from the research groups who are just “newbies”, Viettel has had “sweet fruit”. Viettel’s products are present in all areas of the digital economy from transportation, health care, education, defence, etc.

Viettel’s representative shared, as an enterprise born from the military, always put itself in charge of the Fatherland, so for Viettel people, one of the proudest moments is the success in the projects of radar systems to protect and protect the country. air defense, command and control systems or unmanned aerial vehicles.

At the same time, the Review of Military Forces 2020 (Military Balance 2020) by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS, United Kingdom) ranked Viettel as one of the typical new defense equipment enterprises in the region. The Asian region makes Viettel people think of exporting some products – something few people think about.

In his speech on the occasion of Viettel Group’s Traditional Day, Viettel’s Acting President and General Director – Mr. Le Dang Dung pointed out: “In a global market where change is the only constant, creativity is an important factor. on the foundations of long-term competitiveness. Creativity is the life force of Viettel”.

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