Vietstampex 2020: Many priceless stamp frames

After 3 days of the National Postage Stamp Exhibition – Vietstampex 2020, on the morning of June 26, the Ministry of Information and Communications, Vietnam Stamp Association, and Vietnam Post Corporation held the Closing Ceremony and awarded prizes.

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Pham Anh Tuan speaks at the Closing Ceremony and awards Vietstampex 2020. Photo: Quoc Bao

Speaking at the event, the Deputy Minister of Information and Communications expressed his surprise and emotion when coming to Vietstampex 2020: “People worry that once every 5 years, the number of stamp frames participating in the exhibition will gradually decrease. Another two years of crisis because of the Covid-19 pandemic, and recently the economic downturn caused by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. However, the scale of Vietstampex 2020 is still very grand. Many priceless stamp frames, extremely valuable, need to be preserved very well, trying to keep as long as possible“.

The Deputy Minister affirmed that, from a state management perspective, the Ministry of Information and Communications is very supportive and committed to creating favorable conditions for the Vietnam Stamp Association, local stamp associations, as well as stamp collectors and collectors. stamp set has more land to operate.

Mr. Vu Van Ty, Editor-in-Chief said: “Vietstampex 2020 has 506 standard frames, converted into 119 stamp collections to be displayed and contested, in the following categories: Honorary exhibition; Postal History; Traditional collection; Thematic collection; Youth collection; Maxicard; Open collection. The collections are precious materials, works full of creativity, enthusiasm and passion of collectors.“.

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Pham Anh Tuan congratulated the Gold Award winners. Photo: Quoc Bao

The final results have 4 Gold prizes, 3 Gold Plating prizes, 9 Big Silver prizes, 19 Silver prizes, 65 Bronze prizes, 7 B prizes, 1 C prize and 5 certificates.

4 Gold prizes belong to: Collector Luu Van Luong (Hanoi Stamp Association) with the exhibition “Using Saigon Co Ba stamps on letters and Indochina – Vietnam Postal items”; Collector Ngo Viet Vinh (Ho Chi Minh City Stamp Association) with the exhibition “Vietnamese post offices established from 1861-1900”; Collector Nguyen Hoai Thanh (Can Tho Stamp Association) with the exhibition “President Ho Chi Minh’s great dedication to the Vietnamese revolution”; Collector Nguyen Thi Bich Ngoc (Khanh Hoa Stamp Society) with the exhibition “Da Lat – City of flowers and love”.

Issue stamps about the fairy tale The star fruit tree

Previously, on June 25, within the framework of activities of the National Postage Stamps Exhibition – Vietstampex 2020, the Ministry of Information and Communications released a set of stamps “Vietnamese fairy tale: star fruit tree”.

Set of stamps designed by artist Nguyen Du (Vietnam Post Corporation), including 4 samples and 1 block with face prices of 4,000 VND, 4,000 VND, 4,000 VND, 6,000 VND and 15,000 VND.

Set of stamps includes 4 patterns and 1 block.

4 stamp templates are designed to show the plot content. The block is designed irregularly. The image of star fruit is shown throughout the stamp set. Details are refined, condensed and highly expressive. The happy ending reflects the Vietnamese concept of cause and effect shown on the block pattern.

The stamp also shows many representative images of pure Vietnamese culture such as a 5-room ancient house, a brick yard, a straw, a herd of buffalo, a rice field…

The stamp set has a stamp size of 32 x 43 mm, a block size of 120 x 120 mm, and will be provided on the postal network from June 25, 2022 to December 31, 2023.

Congress of Vietnam Stamp Association, term VI

Also on the morning of June 25, the Vietnam Stamp Association held a congress of delegates for the sixth term (2022-2027). The Congress elected the Executive Board of the Sixth Stamp Association, consisting of 27 members. Ms. Chu Thi Lan Huong, Deputy General Director of Vietnam Post Corporation was elected as the President of the Association.

The Executive Board of the VI Stamp Society was officially launched. Photo: Quoc Bao

The Vietnam Stamp Association has clearly identified a number of key tasks for the coming term. In which, notably the application of information technology to enhance the exchange of information between domestic and international associations; Encourage local stamp associations to build websites to create more channels of information, propaganda, and promotion of postage stamps, and guide the profession of stamp collection.

Speaking at the congress, Ms. Nguyen Vu Hong Thanh, Director of the Postal Department – Ministry of Information and Communications suggested the Vietnam Stamp Association strive to achieve the goal of 10,000 members and collaborators in the 2022-2027 term.

On the other hand, the Vietnam Stamp Association needs to strengthen the application of digital technology in its activities, build a database of members and collaborators.

In particular, the Association needs to apply digital technology more in propaganda, training, and use social networks and digital platforms to easily approach and attract young people to stamps.

Exchange of collaborators of Stamp Magazine

On the afternoon of June 25, Stamp Magazine held an exchange with readers and collaborators across the country, in order to improve the role, capacity and effectiveness of the media agency, the official voice of the Vietnam Stamp Association. in the development and construction of the movement.

Overview of the meeting. Photo: BM

Stamp Magazine is now 29 years and 6 months old, about to celebrate its 30th anniversary, is one of the association’s magazines with precious thickness. However, in recent years, the Journal has faced difficulties in all aspects, both in terms of content and technique and technology.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Vinh, Editor-in-Chief of Stamp Magazine said: Recently, in the world, many stamp magazines have also had to close. Making a Stamp Magazine is not easy, you must be a journalist, you must have knowledge of stamps and collect stamps.

At the exchange, leaders of Stamp Magazine listened to the voices of stamp players and readers to better promote the role of a bridge between the Vietnam Stamp Association and stamp players, being a common home. of stamp players.

Some notable proposals include: Reducing socio-political information, enhancing highly specialized and in-depth articles on stamp collection; Expand international exchange relations with French, Canadian and American journals to diversify articles; Open more exchanges, answer questions from readers; Forming a system of collaborators in stamp associations…



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