Vietnamese people have the best ability to solve Vietnamese problems

The online meeting platforms Make in Vietnam show that Vietnamese people are the best at solving problems in Vietnam. But for the Make in Vietnam platform to dominate our home turf and reach out to the world, we need to give it a chance to be used and perfected.

Digital technology creates a distance-free working environment

In the context of the complicated development of the Covid-19 epidemic, limiting mass contact to prevent epidemics, the June online briefing of the Digital Technology division, the Ministry of Information and Communications was conducted through the online meeting platform “Make” in Vietnam” netMeeting of NetNam. The briefing session was attended by nearly 500 officials from units in the digital technology sector at more than 100 bridge points across the country.

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Huy Dung chaired an online briefing in June 2021 of nearly 500 officials from digital technology units.

Not only at the units of the Ministry of Information and Communications, with the push from the Covid-19 epidemic, online meetings have become more familiar and frequent with many agencies, units and businesses thanks to the support of digital technology, including online meeting solutions “Make in Vietnam”.

Previously, most of the meetings of an agency or enterprise took place in the direct form, the members were limited according to the hierarchical organizational model. But when switching to online meetings from the top management to each specialist, digital technology has created a breakthrough revolution that “flattened” the traditional tree-shaped organizational chart, erased the limits, Create a zero-gap working environment.

Not only that, many state agencies have pioneered the deployment of new generation online meeting platforms, allowing meeting participants to join anytime, anywhere, using mobile devices at a negligible cost instead of using them. using high-cost video conferencing systems as before. Digital technology is helping to reduce intermediaries, so that state agencies can direct and act faster and more timely.

Vietnamese people have the best ability to solve Vietnamese problems

Directly attending the digital technology briefing of the Ministry of Information and Communications at one of more than 100 bridge points, as noted by the reporter, the quality of the netMeeting online meeting solution of Vietnamese technology enterprises is absolutely not inferior to the product. of foreign firms.

This has been proven by the fact that the eMeeting online meeting platform developed by AIC and Bkav was chosen by the National Assembly to be used in the first online session in the history of the legislature, at the Vietnam Assembly, at the session. 9th National Assembly XIV. eMeeting allows National Assembly deputies to participate in meetings remotely, even delegates can meet via iPad at the local office, with qualified audio and video quality, without having to go to a meeting room equipped with equipment. expensive specialized equipment.

Vietnamese people may not have solved the world problem very well. However, the Vietnamese have the best ability to solve the Vietnamese problem. In this very land, Vietnamese people have been doing that for thousands of generations. That’s because we have our own culture, habits, and “pains” that no one understands better than us.

In the digital age, Vietnamese people are continuing to make efforts to solve their problems. The new generation online meeting platform is an example. Vietnamese digital technology enterprises have researched, developed and put into service the market platforms such as Zalo’s Zavi, AIC’s eMeeting, NetNam’s netMeeting.

Vietnamese people have the best ability to solve Vietnamese problems
NetMeeting online meeting platform for good picture and sound quality with negligible latency.

The Vietnamese platform serving Vietnamese people will be faster and better, because it only uses domestic connection bandwidth. The Vietnamese platform is customized to enhance safety and security. Agencies and organizations can flexibly deploy on their own infrastructure and control themselves, without fear of being exposed or leaking information to third parties. At the same time, each agency and organization can actively develop or hire further development, “tailoring” to serve its own needs.

These are the points that the popular platforms in the world will never meet.

How to make Make in Vietnam platform not lose at home?

However, even in Vietnam’s home turf, online meeting solutions of foreign technology giants are still more popular, used by more individuals, units and businesses.

Talking to ICTnews, a representative of NetNam said that in the past 2-3 years, many agencies and businesses have supported and encouraged to create more motivation and inspiration for strong Vietnamese technology enterprises. invest, develop services and solutions for the market.

“For businesses, we believe that cooperation to build competitiveness is very important. Along with that, Vietnamese technology enterprises need to make good use of the world’s understanding and open technology platform to solve the problems of domestic organizations and businesses,” said a NetNam representative.

The NetNam representative also expressed his desire to continue to have a policy of prioritizing the use of technology services and solutions of Vietnamese enterprises to ensure quality and competitive prices.

Just as a seed needs a good, large enough land and is watered over time to become an old tree, the Make in Vietnam platform can only dominate the domestic market and reach out to the world, if the Vietnamese people themselves. Nam gives it a chance to be used, a chance to be perfected.

The market of 100 million people is a good piece of land, large enough, and a great asset of Vietnam. Each user, each comment on the bad points of the Make in Vietnam platform will be a drop of dew, a drop of rain so that in the future we have Make in Vietnam platforms to go to the world.

Van Anh

The eMeeting platform brings the aspiration to overcome the shadow of the world's technology giants

The eMeeting platform brings the aspiration to overcome the shadow of the world’s technology giants

Commenting that the eMeeting online meeting platform of AIC and Bkav is a product with many aspirations, Deputy Minister Nguyen Huy Dung said that it is the desire to master technology and overcome the shadow of the world’s technology giants. .


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