Vietnamese online meeting platform lost position at home, why should it?

27/02/2021 06:01 GMT + 7

Born when the demand arose in society, Vietnam’s online meeting software still could not compete with foreign software right at home.

Online learning has entered the second year of the Covid-19 season, although they are familiar with the manipulation of online meeting software, students still have many difficulties while studying but are ‘thrown’ out of the classroom. due to unstable connection. Up to now, many schools still use Zoom, foreign video conference software, despite security problems and many limitations in the free version.

At that time, the online meeting solution developed and owned by Vietnamese businesses was quickly deployed. Typical examples include Zavi of VNG, CoMeet of CMC alliance TS, NetNam, iWay, FDS and DQN or TranS of South Vietnam. The representative of the CoMeet alliance was then optimistic about the prospect of providing an uninterrupted domestic online meeting software thanks to the complete use of domestic bandwidth with highly customizable features, ‘shoe making’ for each specific unit.

Video conference has many practical applications such as online meeting, online learning

However, nearly a year has passed since the ‘Make in Vietnam’ software was born, schools and businesses still have the habit of using Zoom. If it is not Zoom, other solutions such as Microsoft Teams or Google Meet are the priority ones, not Vietnamese products. Zoom’s popularity is evidenced by the fact that this app is currently ranked Top 1 for free Play Store and App Store in Vietnam, which is right behind Google Meet.

Sadly, Vietnamese software possesses many outstanding advantages, highly competitive, and supports Vietnamese language, but Zoom is still the first choice. This software has become the focus of criticism when it leaked the personal information of hundreds of thousands of users, was accused of transferring data to Facebook and banned from use by UK and US government agencies because of security loopholes. . But after all, Zoom still grew to a record 300 million daily users compared to just 10 million pre-translation. According to experts, other software is either too hurdle, or too difficult to use and less famous than Zoom.

For individual users, there are more issues of concern than security. Will a middle school and middle school student be afraid of being exposed to Zoom’s images and voices? In fact, the problems they encounter are often unclear sound, blurry images, network lag that is not easy to identify due to the computer / phone configuration, software / app or transmission line.

As for teachers, in addition to getting used to the new software, the teacher has to be busy preparing for each online lesson such as lesson planning, class management, ensuring the vertical angle in front of the camera is not deviated, the transmission line without interruption … And when everyone gets used to Zoom, the consequence is that other meetings like online parent conferences using this software are inevitable.

Vietnamese online meeting platform lost position at home, why should it?
But Vietnamese people are used to foreign platforms like Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Team

Ms. Hoang Thuy (19 years old, National Economics University) said her school switched to using Microsoft Teams after Zoom had many connection problems last year. However, I feel a bit sorry that Zoom has more beautiful filters than security issues.

And the most important problem occurred with domestic products when Zoom had dominant market share, as was the case with OTT messaging apps where only one or two of the biggest players eventually gained dominant market share. . Likewise, the Zoom-style word-of-mouth app has steadily captured the mainstream market share as its competitors are fragmented in niche markets.

On the corporate side, when a company decides not to use Zoom to work, they also have to convince their partners not to use Zoom and reinstall the entire system of machines for online meetings from the start. . That is why security expert Nguyen Hong Phuc (Ho Chi Minh City) said his company still uses Skype to exchange with foreign partners, including online meetings when needed. Thus, when it comes to a synchronous solution agreed to use by the business sector, foreign platforms still occupy a certain advantage thanks to the integration of many features and a wide coverage ecosystem.

Without Covid-19, video conference will still be strongly promoted by online communication solutions that are part of digital transformation, an important player in building the digital economy in our country. However, the opportunity for Vietnamese intellectual products to regain market share at home is still very vague, until now CoMeet’s representative has not been able to give any official comment on this opportunity when ICTnews Make a question.

Phuong Nguyen

Online meeting software system must meet safety and confidentiality criteria

Online meeting software system must meet safety and security criteria

According to the set of functional criteria and technical features of the online meeting software system (version 1.0) recently issued by the Ministry of Information and Communications, the software system for online meeting must meet the criteria of safety and security. honey.


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