Vietnamese food company boosts efficiency during pandemic thanks to digital transformation

In its digital transformation strategy, URC Vietnam has decided to convert its virtual WAN network and distribution channel management system (DMS) to the Microsoft Azure cloud platform.

As a result, the entire operation process on URC Vietnam’s digital platform becomes faster and safer.

Not only that, in early 2021 when the Covid-19 pandemic had complicated developments forcing most of its employees to work remotely, URC Vietnam decided to apply a Zero Trust security model to all employees. corporate cloud infrastructure.

“We update the system once every five years, but this time we decided to do more. After working with Microsoft for a while, we have great confidence in their technologies. We have accompanied Microsoft in bringing the Zero Trust model into the system with the coordination of two partners, DMSPro and NTT Global,” said Mr. Hoang Tuan Quynh, IT Director of URC Vietnam.

Operate more securely in the cloud

Since URC Vietnam is responsible for managing both Indochinese URC, including Laos and Cambodia, the first part of the plan is to move the on-premises WAN to a virtual WAN through a VPN connection to link resources from all locations, including offices and home-based employees.

“The core of digital transformation is to ensure that transactions are done securely. Therefore, every part of our system needs to be connected and able to effectively share data with each other. Our customers need to be able to work in a safe and secure environment,” said Karen Salgado, IT Director of URC Group.

Quynh also added: “After completing the core system, we moved the Distribution Channel Management System (DMS) to Azure Data Center in Singapore. Performance and compatibility are great, and speeds are much faster than before.”

The entire transition took only 6 months to complete, despite the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Quynh recounted: “The whole project was completed online, none of us met in person. We’ve prepared plans to roll out over the weekend and during off-peak periods to avoid disruptions. Fortunately, the project went smoothly.”

Save time and money

With the rapid implementation, URC Vietnam soon received many benefits. “Our goal is not only to save costs. For the same cost, we aim to achieve more value. With Azure, everything works faster, smoother, and more securely. So, instead of just saving costs, we save a lot of time,” said Quynh.

Going forward, URC Vietnam intends to continue implementing its continuous innovation strategy. “We want to move more systems to Azure. Next will be the human resource management system, then the warehouse system. At URC Vietnam, we have a forward-thinking mindset on digital innovation, and the full support from the management team will be the driving force for us to continue this journey,” said Quynh.

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