Vietnamese customers started to order genuine iPhone 12

All retailers have given customers deposits to buy iPhone 12, when the device is expected to return to Vietnam in early December.

All major retail chains such as Gioi Di Dong, FPT Shop, Viettel Store and some smaller chains such as CellphoneS, Mobile Vietnam, Hnam Mobile, 24H Store, … are allowing customers to register information to buy iPhone 12.

The expected price of iPhone 12 is from 21.99 million dong (iPhone 12 Mini 64GB), and the highest is 43.99 million dong (iPhone 12 Pro Max 512GB).

An iPhone 12 model in Vietnam.

Customers who register for the information to buy or deposit about 1 million VND at this time will receive different gifts depending on each retailer.

In previous years, the retail chains have publicly announced the number of people who “laid bricks”, but this year only Mobile World and a small chain displayed this number on the website.

Accordingly, after one day of pre-booking, Gioi Di Dong currently has about 1,000 subscriptions, of which nearly 400 guests have deposited. Considering the size of retailers, it can be estimated that the number of subscribers to buy iPhone 12 currently is about 3,000 people.

Apple launches iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max on October 14 (Vietnam time). Machines for pre-order in some markets this month, but in Vietnam is expected from October 20 to officially have a price. Machine will ship on December 4th after pre-order.

After the official price in Vietnam, retailers will launch stronger media programs, then it is possible to expect rapid increase in iPhone 12 orders.

Apple iPhone 12 design changes compared to the previous generation. The machine has two front and back glass sides, combined with the metal frame in the middle, quite similar to the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 design before.

The machines are drastically improved in cameras, screens, processors, and 5G connectivity. In addition, this iPhone 12 is integrated with a magnet ring in the machine to attach MagSafe wireless charger and other accessories.

iPhone 12 Received compliments for the improvement but was also criticized for not selling the charger, earphones in the box. Although Apple thinks this is to protect the environment, but opponents say it is a way for Apple to force users to buy more external accessories, increasing its revenue.


Buying an iPhone 12 in this country still gets Apple bundled with headphones

Buying an iPhone 12 in this country still gets Apple bundled with headphones

This is the country where Apple still bundled the in-box wired headphones of the iPhone 12.


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