Vietnam uterus transplant trials

Hanoi10 dogs were tested by doctors of the Military Central Hospital 108, the results showed that some uterus lived after the transplant.

Some dogs, after transplantation, have become blocked and cannot maintain the uterus. The trial project of uterine transplant on dogs is continuing to be carried out by Hospital 108, Professor Nguyen The Hoang, Deputy Director of Military Central Hospital 108, said at the Scientific Conference on the 70th anniversary of the establishment. hospital, April 1.

If the uterus transplant in dogs is successful, Hospital 108 will progress to a human uterus transplant. It is expected that the first uterine transplant test in Vietnam will be conducted within a few years, if the technical conditions are favorable.

“Hospital 108 tries to perfect the technique, equipment, manpower and experimental grafting before doing it on humans”, Professor Hoang said.

In 2017, Hospital 108 started an embryo uterine transplant project, still in the experimental stage. The research team tested a uterus transplant for 10 dogs, rated it as “a positive result”, but to ensure the function of pregnancy in animals, more research is needed.

“The uterine transplant technique is still a challenge not only in Vietnam but also in the world. Successful transplantation requires the uterus after transplantation to survive and ensure the function of pregnancy and reproduction,” Professor Hoang said.

Up to now, the world has conducted many uterine transplants both in experiment and in humans. There are cases of successful birth of a baby with a uterus, but the number is still meager.

In 2017, a 32-year-old woman in Brazil without a congenital uterus, received a donation uterus from a 45-year-old woman. The 32-year-old then gave birth to a healthy baby girl thanks to a transplanted uterus. This is the first successful uterine transplant in Latin America, a historic achievement of world medicine, published in the journal TheLancet.

Opportunities for uterine transplants are people with an abnormal uterus, unable to get pregnant. Donors may be a mother donating uterus to transplant to her daughter or brain donor. A uterus transplant will help women who do not have a uterus, have a hysterectomy or other diseases, have a new uterus to be able to reproduce normally.

The world’s first human-donor limb transplant was successfully performed by Hospital 108. Image: Hospital provided.

Military Central Hospital 108 is one of the leading units in the organ transplant industry today in Vietnam. The hospital has successfully performed many routine organ transplants such as lung transplant, corneal transplant, kidney transplant, especially limb transplant.

Professor, Dr. Mai Hong Bang, Director of Military Central Hospital 108, rated organ transplant as one of the greatest achievements of mankind in the century. After 4 years of establishment, the Center for Human Tissue and Organ Transplantation has so far performed nearly 300 transplants of organ tissue. In particular, a special mark is the first lung transplant from a brain donor in Vietnam, carried out in February 2018, and is also a historic trans-Vietnamese multi-organ transplant. Last year, the hospital also successfully performed the world’s first live donor limb transplant.

Recently, the hospital transplanted two forearms to a patient with an explosion accident. This is the first double forearm transplant in Southeast Asia and the second limb transplant of the year at hospital 108.

The hospital continues to research and apply transplantation of many difficult tissues and organs, create biological sources of organs and alternative materials, proceeding to apply artificial intelligence in organ transplantation.

Le Nga