Vietnam Post needs to effectively deploy the Postmart floor and digital address platform

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Pham Anh Tuan emphasized that Vietnam Post needs to focus on deploying the Postmart electronic floor and digital address platform.

Contribute to maintaining the supply chain of goods during the pandemic

Speaking at the conference on implementing the 2022 plan of the Vietnam Post Corporation (Vietnam Post) on the afternoon of December 24, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Pham Anh Tuan assessed that in 2021, during the Covid pandemic, the Post Office will Vietnam has proven the capacity, quality and heart of the Post people in all fields. Maintaining a stable network, ensuring the supply chain of production and goods for the country, ensuring jobs and life for tens of thousands of workers in the context of many other businesses facing many difficulties.

Deputy Minister Pham Anh Tuan speaks at the conference to implement Vietnam Post’s 2022 plan.

According to Mr. Chu Quang Hao, General Director of Vietnam Post, overcoming many difficulties due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, the unit has well implemented the set goals: Safe epidemic prevention; effectively manage and operate the public postal network; business development; ensure jobs and incomes for employees, and at the same time perform well social security activities.

Specifically, in 2021, Vietnam Post has successfully performed the tasks assigned in Resolution 01 of the Government on covering postal service points with servicers in 100% of communes nationwide. The Corporation’s total revenue in 2021 will reach more than VND 26,600 billion; total profit reached more than 700 billion dong; paid more than 900 billion VND to the State budget and the ratio of profit after tax to equity reached 6.12%.

Notably, at the time of the most complicated epidemic, the supply chain of goods is at risk of being broken, Vietnam Post has activated 3,400 essential goods supply points in the provinces and cities, providing adequate food. , food for the people.

Also during the pandemic, Vietnam Post quickly stepped in to remove difficulties for farmers, find output for products, thereby speeding up the process of digital transformation of agriculture and rural areas. Implementing the 1304 plan of the Ministry of Information and Communications on supporting to put farmers on the e-commerce platform, over the past time, Vietnam Post has supported 2.5 million farmer households to open accounts on Postmart, through which consumed more than 20,000 tons of agricultural products of all kinds.

Promoting the role of an “extension arm” between governments at all levels and the people, Vietnam Post has received and safely delivered 52.5 million documents to settle administrative procedures, an increase of 3.4 times over the previous year. 2020.

Vietnam Post needs to effectively deploy the Postmart floor and digital address platform
Vietnam Post and 13 affiliated units were awarded the Government’s Emulation Flag for successfully and comprehensively completing their work tasks in 2021.

In particular, promoting the digital transformation strategy across the network, right from the beginning of 2021, the whole Corporation has widely implemented the project “Modernizing Vietnam Post IT System” (MPITS) through the combine the strength of parallel physical flow with data flow; integrating other application systems and platforms to form a digital ecosystem of Vietnam Post. Vietnam Post is also licensed by the State Bank to provide intermediary payment services such as e-wallets, electronic payment gateways, electronic money transfers, collection and payment.

Not only ensuring production and business activities, Vietnam Post also actively implements social security activities: Contributing billions of VND to support the Covid-19 Vaccine Fund; organize the program “Golden Seeds of Post Office” to give free 820 tons of rice; distributed 228,564 gifts in the program “The heart of the epidemic season, sharing love” of the Ministry of Information and Communications and thousands of gifts in the welfare program organized by the Ministry of Finance…

Vietnam Post established a company specializing in developing digital products and services

Nguyen Hai Thanh, Chairman of the Vietnam Post Board of Directors, said that in 2022, the unit sets a revenue target of VND 33,396 billion, a growth rate of over 30%. In particular, Vietnam Post will adjust the business model of service groups, deploying 2 new services to form 5 business pillars: Postal delivery, postal finance, retail distribution, logistics and service service number.

Breakthrough solutions will be deployed right from the beginning of the year, focusing on innovation, creativity, digital transformation, effective implementation of large projects and projects, creating momentum for the operation. manufacturing business”Mr. Nguyen Hai Thanh said.

Vietnam Post needs to effectively deploy the Postmart floor and digital address platform
Two companies Vietnam Post Logistics, Vietnam Post Digital have just been announced.

Within the framework of the conference, Vietnam Post announced the establishment of Vietnam Post Logistics Company, a digital service company. These are two new services and will be one of the important nudges for Vietnam Post to complete its next phase of development strategy.

In which, Vietnam Post Logistics Company will deploy warehousing, fulfillment, international transportation, import-export, customs, first-mile transportation – 3PL, last-mile transportation… Vietnam Post Logistics aims to arrive By 2025, it will become the leading logistics company in Vietnam with billion USD in revenue.

Vietnam Post Digital Company will develop digital products and services; organize business, develop sales force in the digital field, and at the same time support Vietnam Post’s digital transformation process with digital tools and solutions. Vietnam Post Digital has a vision to become a leading enterprise in providing innovative and effective digital products and services in Vietnam, especially in rural areas. In 2025, Vietnam Post Digital sets a revenue target of VND 2,500 billion.

Also in the conference direction, Deputy Minister Pham Anh Tuan noted: Although the scale of Vietnam Post is quite large, if it does not transform, make no breakthrough, or add new services in line with development needs. At this point, it will be very difficult to sustain.

The Deputy Minister stated: Among the platforms that the Ministry of Information and Communications assigns businesses to focus on development in 2022, Vienam Post needs to effectively and successfully deploy two platforms, the Postmart e-commerce platform and the digital address platform. .

In addition to the proposed solutions, Vietnam Post should pay attention to special changes in human resources, adding high-quality personnel to be able to take on completely new jobs., the Deputy Minister requested.

Van Anh

From the problem of consuming lychee to a specialized logistics model for Vietnamese agricultural products

From the problem of consuming lychee to a specialized logistics model for Vietnamese agricultural products

In the litchi crop in May, in the middle of the Bac Giang epidemic, Vietnam Post connected and exported hundreds of tons of lychee to “difficult” markets such as Japan, Australia, France… This step also marks the beginning of the development journey. specialized logistics model for agricultural products.


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