Vietnam Post launches citizen identification card delivery service

Quickly record by the end of February 2021, in some localities, up to 90-100% of people need to deliver electronic chip-mounted citizen identification card (CCCD) via post office, typically Thanh Hoa, Son La, Dien Bien, Quang Nam …

According to information from the Ministry of Public Security, as of July 1, 2021, 50 million CCCD cards will be issued to eligible citizens aged 14 and over.

Vietnam Post Corporation (Vietnam Post) has cooperated with the Police Department of the administrative management of social order to deliver the above card number to the Police Department of administrative management of social order. provinces and cities directly under the Central Government and Public Security of districts, towns and provincial cities nationwide.

People trust the service of delivering citizen identification cards

The post office’s delivery of CCCD cards to the provincial police not only minimizes travel time and costs but also contributes to reducing pressure on the police in allocating human resources to perform these tasks.

Police of provinces, cities, districts and towns have issued CCCD cards to people from February 25, 2021 in many forms such as: Issuing cards at the one-stop section of the police office; Mobile card issuance to departments, departments, branches, schools and organizations …

In addition to receiving CCCD cards at the one-stop department of the Public Security Agency, people can receive cards through the courier service of Vietnam Post. Receiving CCCD card at home via post brings convenience, saves time and travel costs for people.

People only need to go to the one-stop section of the police agency once to complete the procedure, take photos, fingerprints, identify identification … After completing the procedures, people only need to bring an appointment paper. Service desk of the Post Office right at the issuing place and register information to receive CCCD card at address When the card is received from the police station, the post office is responsible for delivering the CCCD card to the people at the registered address.

The Vietnam Post has allocated sufficient human resources at all CCCD points to assist police officers and at the same time receive the need to deliver CCCD cards at home to create the most favorable conditions for people, especially especially people in areas with difficult travel conditions and the elderly.

Quickly record by the end of February 2021, the number of people wishing to deliver CCCD cards via post in some localities reached 90-100%, typically Thanh Hoa, Son La, Dien Bien, Quang Maleā€¦

Through the process of closely coordinating from the delivery and receipt with the police to the exploitation, delivery and return of cards, after nearly 10 years the Post Office has implemented the identity card delivery service, CCCD, tens of millions ID card, CCCD card has been safely and accurately transferred to the people, without any reports of people being lost, lost or damaged.

The CCCD card has a QR code that stores all citizens’ information, with high security, large storage capacity, allowing integration of many applications. When the card is fully integrated with information, people only need to use a chip-mounted CCCD to perform administrative transactions, without carrying as many papers as before.


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