Vietnam is among the 4 countries that visit MU’s homepage the most

With more than 200,000 visits in July, Vietnam is among the countries that visit Manchester United’s homepage the most.

According to the statistics of SimilarWeb, Vietnam ranked 4th among the countries accessing the official website of Man United the most with 3.34%. The list also includes the UK, US, Norway and Australia.

Follow SimilarWeb, there were 204,985 visits to the Man United homepage in July from Vietnam. The traffic to this site is mostly from computer devices with more than 70%. currently ranked 5,721 in the list of most visited websites in our country.

Vietnam is in the top 4 countries accessing the website of MU Anh 1

Vietnam is among the four countries that visit MU’s homepage the most.

In addition, the official website of MU is also the homepage of the team with the largest number of visitors in Vietnam, far ahead of other British teams. The fan club of Manchester United fans in Vietnam also has more than 235,000 followers.

In addition, MU’s homepage has the largest traffic from the UK with 29.6%, followed by the US, 6.84%. In third place is Norway, with 3.69% of total worldwide traffic. Follow SimilarWeb, the official website of MU ranked 8,442 worldwide and 902 in the UK with about 7.84 million visits in July.

At 23:00 on August 27, the Manchester United club officially confirmed the completion of the Cristiano Ronaldo deal from Juventus. Soon after, many users reflected that they could not access the team’s homepage because of the large amount of traffic.

When accessing the official website of MU, users receive the message “The specified URL cannot be found”, the path cannot be found. Some other users cannot access the website, the browser responds that the page is not currently active.

This is not the first time MU’s website has crashed. In December 2018, after the news that coach Mourinho was sacked, the Manchester United website was also inaccessible.

In addition to the official website receiving a large number of visits from fans, Man United’s other social networking sites also exploded in number of interactions.

In 30 minutes, more than 4.3 million interactions on Manchester United’s Instagram in the post announcing Ronaldo’s return to the “theater of dreams”. Nearly 300,000 comments congratulate CR7 and the red devil. On Twitter, it only took 30 minutes for MU’s announcement to reach nearly 500,000 retweets and 800,000 likes.

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