Vietnam in the ‘epidemiological safety’ group welcomed by Russia

Vietnamese students are among the group of 25 “epidemiologically safe” countries that are allowed to return to Russia to study.

Foreign students, graduate students, settlers, and preparatory students are allowed to return to Russia to continue studying and working, according to a statement dated March 20 by the Ministry of Science and Education of the Russian Federation. .

This ministry has made a list of 25 “safe and epidemiological” countries, including Vietnam, Greece, Egypt, India, Cuba, Finland, Switzerland, Korea, Japan … List of countries ” Safe entry to Russia will be regularly updated, informed by the university to students via their personal accounts, the school web and the official social networking site.

People travel in the center of Saint Petersburg, Russia, on March 28. Image: Reuters.

According to the Russian Federal Ministry of Science and Education, the requirement to return to school is that students must notify the university by email at least 10 days, the PCR test result is negative nCoV no more than 3 days before. entry. Within 72 hours of entering Russian territory, students must have a second PCR test and isolate themselves at residence. Learning and training are done online.

During self-isolation, if there are signs of Covid-19 such as fever, sore throat, runny nose, cough, difficulty breathing, students must immediately notify the university and contact a doctor.

Currently, Russia has recorded more than 4.4 million nCoV infections, at least 95,800 people died. On March 23, the country recorded more than 8,400 new infections. The epidemic situation in many European countries is still complicated. Recently, France has sealed back the capital Paris. Germany also abandoned plans to loosen the gap measure. President Vladimir Putin said today that he will inject Sputnik V vaccine against Covid-19.

Sputnik V was approved urgently by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health on the afternoon of March 23 to serve the urgent need in preventing Covid-19. This is the second Covid-19 vaccine approved by Vietnam, after AstraZeneca.

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