Vietnam has started testing Covid-19 vaccine in humans

Minister Long announced the information above during the meeting of the Ministry of Health on the progress of vaccines in Vietnam, on December 5.

Currently, three units, Ivac, Vabiotech, Nanogen, have completed the laboratory-scale production process, are evaluating the safety and immunity of vaccines in animals. Nanogen alone has completed this phase and is ready to proceed to the first phase of a human clinical trial.

On December 10, Nanogen cooperated with the Military Medical Academy to start recruiting volunteers to participate in the first phase of the Covid-19 vaccine trial in Vietnam. The first test shot of the vaccine will be launched a week later.

The Minister of Health asked stakeholders to prepare to be ready for phase two clinical trials immediately, not to finish phase one before proceeding to start work for phase two.

“We need to be proactive in the stages to get vaccinated as soon as possible”, Mr. Long asked at the meeting afternoon 5/12.

Ministry of Health Nguyen Thanh Long meeting on vaccine progress on December 5. Image: Ministry of Health.

Mr. Long emphasized that the Ministry of Health creates all favorable conditions for vaccine production units, including minimizing administrative procedures and expediting registration and licensing of products. The Ministry of Health will report to the Prime Minister on the investment policy for vaccine production units and coordinate with relevant units to support the units to access capital for research and production. .

For the other unit that is researching Covid-19 vaccine, Polivac, Mr. Long asked to continue research and production, and at the same time closely cooperate with Russia, actively contact China to be able to continue. access to vaccines of these countries.

The Minister also instructed units under the Ministry of Health to promote the domestic vaccine production process, and at the same time negotiate and agree with vaccine manufacturers from abroad, so that Vietnam can soon get Covid vaccine- 19.

Vietnam has 4 units researching Covid-19 vaccine namely Ivac, Vabiotech, Nanogen, Polivac, and recently conducted trials on rats and chimpanzees.

The world currently has 11 Covid-19 vaccines undergoing phase three testing. Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine (USA – Germany) was the first product completed the test, 95% effective, was approved urgently by the UK and Bahrain, the US and the European Union have received documents to prepare for approval. Browser. Moderna’s vaccine (USA) is in the final stage of trial, effective 94.5%. Vaccine Oxford / AstraZeneca is 70-90% effective depending on the dose of 2 doses or 1.5 doses, is currently tested in the terminal stage. There is also the Russian vaccine Sputnik V announced 95% effective, approved by Russia, which will begin widely injected from next week.


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