Vietnam begins production of Sputnik V vaccine – VnExpress

The company Vabiotech started producing Sputnik V in large quantities from September 24, then supplied it to the population vaccination program.

The information was told by the representative of the No. 1 Vaccine and Biological Products Company Limited (Vabiotech) on the afternoon of the same day. Currently, the company has received a large quantity of semi-finished vaccine products from its Russian partner to start production. The finished vaccine will be used in the vaccination program in Vietnam.

A representative of Vabiotech said that the production scale will be up to 5 million doses a month, expected to increase to 100 million doses a year and receive technology transfer for the complete production of Sputnik V vaccine. The company also built a factory to continue. receive technology transfer to produce this vaccine.

In July, Vabiotech said it had successfully produced the first batch of vaccines with about 30,000 doses. After that, this batch of vaccine was sent to the Gamaleya Institute in Russia for testing. On August 26, Gamaleya Institute assessed that the processed Vietnamese vaccine batch met the required quality standards.

According to a press release from Vabiotech on September 24, the Sputnik V vaccine was developed based on the adenovirus vector platform. This vaccine technology introduces the nCoV gene fragment into the inactivated adeno virus to stimulate the response of immune cells. The vaccine has a course of two injections three weeks apart, stored at 2-8 degrees Celsius.

Announcing the results of the Sputnik V clinical trial in The Lancet, the manufacturer said the vaccine was up to 91.6% effective. For volunteers over 60 years old, the protective effect was 91.8%. After the injection, 98% of the volunteers had antibodies against nCoV. The updated results showed that the vaccine had a protective effect of 97.6%.

In Vietnam, Sputnik V was licensed by the Ministry of Health on March 23, and started trial production from the end of July.

Employees of Vabiotech company hold vials of the Sputnik V vaccine that were closed in July. Photo: Vabiotech



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