Vietnam, ASEAN countries, Japan rehearse to respond to ransomware attacks

The ASEAN-Japan international exercise in 2022 is themed “Coordinated handling of cyberattacks via VPN on government agency systems and ransomware attacks on health authorities”.

On the afternoon of June 23, the Vietnam Cyber ​​Emergency Response Center (VNCERT/CC), the Information Security Department, the Ministry of Information and Communications hosted an organization for leaders in charge and focal points to respond to security incidents. network information of ministries, branches, localities, members of the National Cyberinformation Security Incident Response Network and technical staff of the Information Security Administration, participated in the ASEAN – Japan international drills. Version 2022.

The ASEAN-Japan international exercise is an annual activity held between countries in Southeast Asia and Japan in order to maintain and develop relations between countries, in coordination to resolve and share information. information about network information security incidents arising.

The ASEAN-Japan exercise in 2022 aims to improve the incident response capacity of the members of the National Incident Response Network.

Representative of the Information Security Department, Mr. Nguyen Huu Nguyen, Deputy Director of VNCERT/CC, emphasized that, in parallel with the application of IT and digital transformation, agencies, organizations and businesses are always faced with challenges. network attack risks, so it is necessary to include requirements to ensure network security right from the design and present in every stage of construction, deployment and operation.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Nguyen also said that in Vietnam, the situation of information insecurity is still present, shown by the fact that many published vulnerabilities have not been fully patched, many computers are infected with bot and malicious code. participating in ghost computer networks controlled from foreign servers, APT attacks are still ongoing…

With the theme of “Coordinating handling of cyberattacks via VPN on government agencies’ systems and cryptographic blackmail attacks on medical institutions”, the ASEAN-Japan exercise in 2022 aims to improve the capacity of government agencies. incident response force of members of the National Incident Response Network. At the same time, improving the ability to coordinate and solve information security incidents among network members according to real situations, hackers take advantage of vulnerabilities and weaknesses right on the protection system to attack. into internal systems.

The scenario of the ASEAN – Japan international drill in 2022 is based on a real incident that happened recently, hackers exploiting known vulnerabilities to illegally infiltrate organizations, perform ransomware attacks money after encrypting the health organization’s data during the time of dealing with the Covid-19 epidemic. Thereby, it helps to raise the awareness of agencies and organizations that need to be ready to respond to types of cyber attacks, which can happen anytime and anywhere, regardless of the epidemic situation that may affect health. , human life.

Participating in the drills with ASEAN countries and Japan, VNCERT/CC is the representative of Vietnam to receive and handle situations in the drill. The main bridge point in Hanoi is responsible for sending situations and requests to participating points of member units of the National Cyberinformation Security Incident Response Network on online systems. Results from the scores of online participants will be gathered, scored and added to the international response results.

Through this exercise, the participating units in addition to verifying communication methods to share information about safety incidents among members, also enhanced the improvement of SOP – Standardized Procedures for Safety. incident resolution coordination was agreed to build since 2015 between Japan and ASEAN member countries, in order to be suitable with current actual conditions; at the same time, enhance connectivity to coordinate incidents between countries, and solve cross-border cybersecurity incidents.

“Through the rehearsal, the participants became more aware of the incident handling process, from receiving information, reviewing the possibility of occurrence on their systems or management areas to analyze, share information, issue warnings, and coordinate responses,” a VNCERT/CC representative added.

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