VIDEO. “There is a Paul François case law”: the lawyer for the farmer intoxicated by pesticides, who won against Monsanto after 14 years of fighting


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“Dismiss the appeal… We won!”, announcement, on October 21, 2020, Master François Lafforgue to the whole family gathered around Paul François, the farmer poisoned in 2004 by Lasso, a herbicide formerly marketed by the firm Monsanto. He has just received on his phone the decision of the Court of Cassation, which will put an end to a fourteen-year-long legal fight. Joy explodes, everyone applauds and tears flow … “It’s over, it’s over… It’s a definitive acknowledgment of Monsanto’s responsibility”, he assures.

“It’s clear, we can’t be wrong, we won, we won … Seventeen pages. It must be the longest stop in France”, said the lawyer to the members of the family, who abandoned the Charentais pot-au-feu prepared by the cereal grower’s mother. For all these years, he has suffered serious health problems after inhaling this product. The joy redoubled around the family table on which is placed the photo of Sylvie, the wife of Paul François who died of a ruptured aneurysm in 2018.

“We are solicited by other countries who are wondering about this type of action against manufacturers”

“This is Monsanto’s fifth conviction today. We won in court, the court of appeal, we came back to the court of appeal, the fourth today, plus one on another subject … Yes , I think we are on the fifth “, recalls Me Lafforgue. Can we speak of a Paul François jurisprudence? “Yes, very clearly, today we can speak of a Paul François jurisprudence, says the lawyer to the magazine ‘1:15 pm on Saturday’ (replay). The Court of Cassation took care to respond point by point to Monsanto’s arguments by dismissing them one after the other. There is a Paul François case law. “

“This opens a gap for the victims of pesticides, who will now be able to consider actions seeking liability against manufacturers. In France, but as this is the first case that had been raised against Monsanto, this of course creates a precedent for France and other countries in the world. We are solicited today by other countries which wonder about this type of action against manufacturers. There remains the compensation. It was not the primary objective, of course, but when you have suffered damage of this magnitude, you must be compensated for the damage suffered. This is what we will endeavor to do now in court. in progress and we will plead in a few months “, concludes Master François Lafforgue.

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