VIDEO. Partial unemployment fraud: “Further investigation” filmed the control of an SME by the labor inspectorate

Emmanuel Macron had announced it a year ago: the State would cover the compensation of employees forced by the pandemic of Covid-19 to stay at home, through a “exceptional and massive mechanism of partial unemployment”.

Everything has been done to make things easier for businesses: application form to be completed online without having to provide any supporting documents, accelerated payment of aid so that the money is available within 48 hours … engulfed in the breach, and it is hundreds of millions of euros of aid that would have been diverted between March and September 2020.

Could France have avoided this massive fraud? In September 2020, six months after the start of the embezzlement, the state finally changed the rules. The partial unemployment money is no longer paid in 48 hours, but in fifteen days, the time to carry out upstream checks.

This electrician claims 30,000 euros for 3 employees … of which the inspector finds no trace

The labor inspector whom the journalists from “Complément d’études” met therefore has more time to verify the requests. Teleworking in his apartment, he was kind enough to let them film the control of a small electrician boss, who claims 30,000 euros. He claims to have 3 employees, for 2,730 hours to be compensated.

From the first check using the company’s Siret number, the first surprise: the company apparently has no employees. What the URSSAF website confirms: no hiring has been declared. To find out more, the inspector will then telephone the manager of the company, whose contact details appear in the application form … Unsurprisingly, he sends it back to his accountant.

“The employer played the astonished, concludes the official after a telephone conversation he considers typical, but in fact it is not. We put someone in front of the fait accompli that it wasn’t going to work, his thing. We probably avoided a fraud. (…) Too bad, we move on to the next one.“Due to lack of time, the official having many files to deal with, the business manager will not be concerned for false declaration.

Excerpt from “Whatever it costs? Investigation of the Covid crooks”, a document to be seen in “Further investigation” on April 8, 2021.

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