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Video of huge snake being lifted by crane in Caribbean jungle goes viral, you will be surprised to see

Viral Video: A video of the Caribbean jungle is in the news a lot these days. A video of a giant snake being lifted from a crane in the Caribbean jungle is going viral. In this video the snake is being lifted from the crane. It can be clearly seen in the video how huge the snake is and a part of its body is also hanging on the ground. People around the world are surprised to see this video.

These videos of the Caribbean jungle are being increasingly circulated online. A huge snake can be seen lifting it from a heavy machinery vehicle in a forest area. Many internet users are taken aback by watching this video. Some people are considering it to be possibly the largest snake in the world. According to some media reports, the video which is being told of the Caribbean jungle was from Dhanbad. Several reports have now traced the video back to a TikTok user who shared the clip on the Video app, following which it quickly spread to other platforms as well.

Some other media reports say that the jaw-dropping clip, which has been viewed over 81.5 million times on the app, is from Dominica, an island in the Caribbean. It is said that this snake which is at least 10 feet long and it was discovered by some workers while they were clearing a part of Dominica rainforest.

The snake’s body is seen locked in the claws of the digging machine, but surprisingly, it still almost reaches the ground while lifting up. NPR has identified the giant snake as a boa constrictor. According to its report, another video by the user shows three people struggling to lift the snake.

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