VIDEO. “No new laws, no new regulations”, the Medef calls for stability for companies “for a year”

“The best thing to do is not to touch anything, global, regulatory, fiscal stability for a year, that would be great”, declared Wednesday, May 19 on franceinfo Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux, president of Medef. Do not touch the regulations, “this is the best measure the government can take”, he insisted.

To hire and invest, French companies must have “confidence in the economy”. According to him, “This confidence is linked to the health situation, obviously, to the international situation, and then to the signals that the government will send us: tax hikes or not, measures on companies favorable or not”.

The president of Medef underlines that the business leaders of SMEs “come out quite rinsed” several months of confinement: “If for a year there were no new laws, no new regulations that they could just work the way they worked before the pandemic, that would be great.”. Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux assures that France is “with Denmark the western country, where the level of fiscal pressure is the highest”.

Asked about the unemployment reform still under discussion, the President of Medef underlines that this measure “at two years old, it should have entered into force before confinement, it was postponed”. He concedes that “if we had to decide today, we probably wouldn’t do anything”.

Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux still wishes “get out of ambiguity” by proposing a “big bang of unemployment insurance”. The Medef has put a “proposal” on the table : “The State is responsible for solidarity, for the minimum base. And then there is an insurance system, as in retirement, managed and balanced by the unions and then there is the public employment service, which is now funded simply by contributions from companies, while it is used by everyone “, employees, contractual civil servants and students, “so it should be funded by the state”. This proposition “took the government a little by surprise, since all of a sudden, they started to want to see a concertation”, relates the boss of the bosses, who “will try to push this discussion”.

Asked about the appeal against the entry into force of the unemployment reform on July 1, launched by almost all unions before the Council of State, Geoffroy Roux de Bézieux replied that he did not support this approach. He considers that the error which consisted in not taking into account absences, in particular maternity leave, sick leave, “has been rectified a priori. So we support the measures which are proposed”. The President of Medef denounces in particular the “situations where one has a higher income by alternating periods of work and periods of unemployment, rather than working throughout the month or weeks”.

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