VIDEO. Going from public to private, another way of serving France, according to Alain Minc

On June 3, 2021, “Complément d’études” focuses on revolving doors, this practice consisting, for a senior official, in leaving the public service for the private sector. Emmanuel Macron has often been asked about his four years at the Rothschild investment bank. Minister of the Economy, he considered this experience to be an asset, and claimed in October 2016 at the microphone of France Inter to have been able to “frequenting the life of companies”.

“Me, it’s prehistory … I went into the private sector in 1979 (…), it was extremely rare. I was told: ‘You defrock'”

Alain Minc

to “Further investigation”

“Further investigation” questioned the one who would have inspired the idea of ​​this passage at Rothschild to the young financial inspector who was already dreaming of a political career. Investment banker would “the only job that allows you to be financially independent”, according to Alain Minc, who adds, amused: “VSwent so fast that[Emmanuel Macron] didn’t even have time to build a little heritage! “

Alain Minc himself had chosen the private sector in 1979, just four years after leaving the ENA. “At the time, it was absolutely rare, he says, and I had been criticized for it. I was told this extraordinary expression : ‘You defrock.’ I quit, and paid off my slipper. ” Clearly, former students of ENA or Polytechnique must reimburse their costs schooling if they have not served the state for at least ten years.

“When you serve very large boxes, it’s a bit like serving very large administrations”

Alain Minc

to “Further investigation”

Even today, Alain Minc regularly plays pygmalions. “It happened to me, he confides, when guys (boys or girls) hit me in the eye, to say to some: ‘You should see this guy, it would be worth it’ “. Alain Minc always seems to have a preference for civil servants from his “club”, his original body : the General Inspectorate of Finance, the elite of the enarques. According to the count made by our colleagues from Bastamag, the half finance inspectors go into the private sector during their career, especially in the banking sector.

This that some consider a loss of taste for public service does not seem to iworry Alain Minc. Quite the contrary. “When you serve the very large boxes, according to this gray eminence of the ACC 40, it’s a bit like serving very large administrations… And it has become more and more so today : Do you serve the State better, finally, France, by being at Total or at the Ministry of Health?

Excerpt from “Grands copics, enarques: When our elites are debauched!”, A document to see in “Complement investigation” on June 3, 2021.

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