Video games. Record industry figures for 2020

The Nintendo Switch, a console sold 24 million copies since the first confinement in spring 2020 (GARO / PHANIE via AFP)

2020, a record year for video games, for all console manufacturers, in particular for Nintendo, underlines Brice N’Guessan, editorial director of Video games magazine.

franceinfo: The three manufacturers PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo are showing historic results, but it is therefore Nintendo that stands out the most?

Brice N’Guessan: Nintendo’s results are all the more insolent as the Japanese manufacturer offers the least powerful console on the market with the Nintendo Switch. But power is not everything, we judge a console by the quality of its games and on this side, with titles like Mario, Zelda or Animal Crossing, Nintendo crushes everything in its path four years after the release of the Nintendo Switch.

176 million video games sold since the first confinement.

Brice N’Guessan

Video Games Magazine

How does that translate into numbers?

At the start of 2020, many countries were entering a period of confinement across the planet, and since April, the figures are stratospheric: 24 million Nintendo Switch consoles sold, an increase of 36%! 176 million video games sold over the same period, an increase of 43% compared to the previous year!

And the star game of containment, Animal Crossing, which allowed you to escape to an island, sold 31 million units, becoming in nine months the second best selling game on Switch, almost as many as Mario Kart Deluxe, available for him for almost 4 years.

Nintendo will end its fiscal year next March, and the Japanese firm is preparing to achieve a historic net profit which should exceed 3 billion euros, unheard of since its creation, I would remind you, in 1889.

And on the competitive side, at PlayStation and Xbox, are the results as good?

PlayStation has communicated its figures for the last quarter which correspond to the Christmas period, and hold on tight, the Japanese manufacturer has achieved in three months a historic turnover of 7 billion euros.

The same story goes for Xbox, with a turnover of 5 billion dollars, a record also since the brand has existed. And the numbers could be better if the two manufacturers did not face a shortage of components to produce their next-generation console, hence the difficulty in finding a PS5 or an Xbox Series X.

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