VIDEO. End of 100% teleworking: not listening to employees “would be dramatic”, warns Laurent Berger



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The general secretary of the CFDT wants this gradual return to work in companies to be “the subject of a social dialogue”, and not a “unilateral” decision.

“If we don’t listen to the employees” on teleworking, “that would be dramatic”, declared Thursday, May 27 on franceinfo Laurent Berger, secretary general of the CFDT. The government is planning a gradual return to face-to-face work in companies that were teleworking from June 9. In the private sector, each company will be able to decide how to reorganize the return of its employees.

“It is only through negotiation that this will be done. What I fear is that on June 9 it will be unilateral. The companies decide, ‘you come back, you do two days of telecommuting or three days. is going to happen like that and we do not listen to the employees. It would be dramatic because they have just gone through an ordeal., explained Laurent Berger.

“This must be the subject of social dialogue, but not simply a consultation of staff representatives. A real dialogue on the working conditions.”

Laurent Berger

to franceinfo

In addition, the government wants to allow employers to impose up to eight days of leave and RTT over a period of a few months to prevent employees from going on vacation during the economic recovery. “We have no interest in the period when we are going to resume work in a slightly more normal way to create conflict on subjects like that. It must be done in good understanding”, reacted Laurent Berger.

The union leader regretted the “trial of intent” that is done to workers who “just want to resume normal activity”. The government’s argument is that it is better to take a vacation after the summer in certain sectors, such as restaurants: “To make them this kind of trial of intention that in fact they would like, when they know the hazards and the constraints of their sector, just to rush to take leave as soon as the resumption is carried out, it’s still not very respectful”, denounced Laurent Berger.

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