VIDEO. Covid-19: “The government has been great” on business aid, says Maurice Lévy

“I think the government has been great in opening the funds and being able to help almost all sectors” economic during the Covid-19 crisis, said Wednesday February 17 on franceinfo Maurice Lévy, chairman of the supervisory board of Publicis Groupe. But he also believes “that there were some largesse which were not absolutely essential” towards companies that are doing well.

“The government has done great things, maybe excessive, but great things to support, be it for jobs, for employees, for small businesses and even of the biggest “, emphasizes Maurice Lévy first. He considers this aid justified for “companies which are in a desperate state, airlines, hotel and catering industry etc. We really have to put the means”. On the other hand, he notes that “Lots of companies are doing pretty well, doing very well. There is no point in supporting or helping them”, believes the businessman.

Maurice Lévy gives the example of Publicis, the company of which he was CEO before chairing its supervisory board. “We were entitled to an EMP [prêt garanti par l’Etat], we were entitled to unemployment. We put more than 1000 people for a while on partial unemployment and we did not ask for help from the state “, he says. Publicis did “did not want the state to help us because we thought that the company had the means to pay the employees even if they did nothing”. Many companies are in this situation, he said.

Maurice Lévy says “that the effort must be collective and that we must not completely rely on the State and that the State does not need to do everything. It is a personal point of view”, he specifies.

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