VIDEO. Covid-19: aid to closed businesses “will cost 1.6 billion euros to public finances”, announces Bruno Le Maire

The new support system for companies which provides for being able to compensate up to 20% of turnover for those that will remain closed “concerns 200,000 companies and it will cost 1.6 billion euros to public finances”, announced Bruno Le Maire, the Minister of the Economy, invited by France Inter on Wednesday, November 25.

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We are completely changing the situation so that we can cover not the smallest businesses, but cover all businesses without exception that are closed. It is entire sectors that we want to protect, it is restaurants, bars, cafes, it is also sports halls “, hammered the minister.

“All those which are administratively closed, whatever their size, will be fully compensated for their losses”

Until now, the solidarity fund has been restricted to companies with less than 50 employees. From December 1, companies will have the choice between flat-rate aid of up to 10,000 euros, or compensation up to 20% of their turnover compared to that achieved last year during the same period. months, explained the minister. This support, capped at 100,000 euros, will concern 200,000 companies, he said.

The solidarity fund, created at the start of the crisis to help smaller businesses, had a budget of 9 billion euros, but the government has since inflated it by more than 10 billion euros. the resurgence of the epidemic.

Otherwise, “the growth forecast is 6% for 2021”, confirms Bruno Le Maire. It incorporates the shock that this second confinement constituted on the French economy “, he assured.

The Minister of the Economy also returned to the 2,000 job cuts announced by the French agri-food giant Danone, battered by the Covid-19 pandemic. “Employees do not have to be the adjustment variable for current economic difficulties”, he estimated. “Everyone makes efforts: the State makes efforts, employees make considerable efforts”, declared the minister on France Inter.

“I ask companies to show the same sense of responsibility and to consider that the downsizing, the layoffs, is really the very last measure when there is no other possibility and the economic situation is really very bad. difficult for the company “, he urged.

Layoffs are not the solution.

Unless the economic situation of the company is really perilous and this constitutes then “the last answer”, estimated the minister. The profitability of the group is “the basis of tomorrow’s investments (…) If we are very permanently out of step with our competitors, one day or another, and that’s what happens, they are capable of doing much better than us , and therefore it is the very survival of the company that is at stake “, had justified Emmanuel Faber Tuesday on France Inter. Danone became in June the first listed group recognized “company with mission” with social and environmental objectives in its statutes.

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