VIDEO. Bartering, or when companies start bartering

Thanks to digital technologies, online exchange platforms and the use of virtual currencies, “bartering”, or exchange of goods or services between professionals, has taken off again. And for some companies, this form of barter would represent a breath of fresh air in economically difficult times. Late payments, cash flow problems … “bartering” allows them not to get out of money – which, with the crisis linked to the health situation, has difficulty getting into their coffers.

At the old Paris Stock Exchange, a journalist from “Special Envoy” has an appointment with Samuel Cohen, the young boss of a start-up. His idea: to help companies exchange goods or services. He is one of the co-founders of France Barter, a support network that brings together 1,500 companies in all sectors of activity. Here, the virtual currency is called … the “barter”.

Exchanges of services invoiced in “barters”

Around the table that day, about fifteen “donors-recipients” will be able to exchange services billed as “barters”. Example: Juliette Honoré represents a catering company called Les Marmites volantes which is looking for offices. As for the Planetic company of Benjamin d’Hardemare, it has free space within its coworking space. Thanks to her meal deliveries, Juliette will accumulate “barters” which she will then spend to rent the offices made available by Planetic.

It was the journalist’s turn to test the system. It offers a professional service online: writing content for a member company of the network. An association which employs people in reintegration addresses its request: five presentation texts intended for its website. Once the work is done, the journalist is paid in “barters”, credited to her account. She uses them to rent a car from a rental company that is also registered on the France Barter platform. This exchange will save him 81 euros, the rental price.

Extract from “My barter life”, a report to see in “Special Envoy” on December 17, 2020.

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