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Video: 139 year old house ‘walks’ on the road, people were surprised to see the scene

A surprising situation arose in San Francisco when a house was shifted to another location with the help of cranes and trucks. Actually, this 139 year old house was pushed by the use of cranes and trucks. To see this strange thing on the road, a large number of people gathered and made a video of the whole incident on mobile.

It is being told that this house is 139 years old and the house was pushed from Franklin Street and brought to Fulton Street. The house was crossed 6 blocks to reach Futlin Street. At the same time, this video made by people is becoming increasingly viral on social media.

Local people talking to media persons told that it was really surprising to see the 7-bedroom house moving. People said that shifting such a big house is a big thing in itself.

Let me tell you, the video is viral on social media. People are giving different responses to this video. Most of the people are also surprised and are questioning what was the need to shift the house. It is being told that this house is known as England House. At the same time, it took 6 hours to shift this house.

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