Victoria Abril loses her temper against the “Coronacircus”, this “farce”, during a ceremony in Spain

In full conspiracy drift, the ex-muse of Pedro Almodovar compared the vaccine to a poison. Before proclaiming her desire to return definitively to her Iberian lands, where fundamental freedoms are, according to her, not threatened.

Invited to the Féroz trophy, in Madrid, to receive the honorary prize, the Spanish actress especially made speak her sense of discord. Arriving without a mask on the carpet, Victoria Abril forced the worried guests to stay away from her. The ex-muse of Pedro Almodovar then began his speech, referring to the pandemic which has killed more than 2.5 million people worldwide. “It’s not the Covid, it’s the coronacircus. I’m sick of this farce“, She got carried away, relates the newspaper La Vanguardia .

Known for having led a very large part of her career in France, the actress would have announced her desire to find her land, in Malaga, by the sea, for “to be able to breathe“. Tired of an Emmanuel Macron who “attacks our fundamental freedoms“And a country (France) where one cannot”nor go to a restaurant, or see an exhibition, or dance ”, she denounced a life ruled by fear. Before proclaiming: “There is worse than losing your life, it is losing the will to live.

Complaints to false allegations, there is only one step that the actress has taken briskly about vaccines in particular. “Not tested“, According to her, these would be at the origin of”no more deaths»Only if there were none. “They turned us into guinea pigs. The effects of the vaccine are not known ”, she said, intimating to Maria Guerra, president of the AICE (Asociación de Informadores Cinematográficas de España), who tried to interrupt, the order of “let talk“. Without fear of “Pass for a conspirator”, the actress concluded her diatribe, sure of her fact, with this statement: “They poison us!


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