Victim of overwork, Valérie Lemercier faints on stage

The actress, who has just received the César for best actress for Alinelost consciousness while performing the play The Beloved Sisters at the Antoine theater on Thursday evening. His entourage, reassuring, speaks of “fatigue”.

Valérie Lemercier caused a great fright to the spectators of the Antoine theater who had come to see her on the evening of Thursday, March 31. While the actress – who has just received the César for best actress for her breathtaking composition in Aline –replied to Isabelle Gélinas, her legs gave way under her.

Witnesses to this unexpected fainting, the spectators initially believed that it was only an incident of the comedy of manners written by Brigitte Buc. But very quickly, the “curtain” requested in the panic by the actress Isabelle Gélinas made the public understand that it was not a question of a theatrical fainting but indeed of a malaise.

On all fronts

The firefighters called by the management of the theater, arrived in a short time and immediately administered first aid to the actress. After half an hour, Valérie Lemercier came to her senses and her caregivers felt that her condition did not require emergency hospitalization. A diagnosis confirmed by a reassuring entourage, who let it be known that the actress “ she’s fine, she’s just very tired“.

It is true that for two years, Valérie Lemercier has been mobilizing on all fronts. In the cinema, she will have been on the poster of Strong in 2020, ofAline (which she also directed) in 2021 and finally d‘Irreducible in 2022. It’s finally the piece The Beloved Sistersan incredible comedy where she is on stage with Isabelle Gélinas, who will have got the better of her strength.

Aline by Valérie Lemercier in 2021, with Valérie Lemercier, Sylvain Marcel, Danielle Fichaud…


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