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Vermont is the safest place in the world in the era of Kovid, you also know the reason behind it

Vermont is a state in the US. This state of New England areas is famous for Bernie Sanders, maple syrup and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. But now this state has declared that it is the safest place in the world in terms of corona virus as this state has become the most vaccinated state in America. In this state with the second least population of America, 80 percent of the people of vaccination age have been given the vaccine. The spirit of community cooperation is high among the people here.

Vaccine to 82 percent of people
Health Commissioner Mark Levine said that the vaccination in this state made it the safest state in America. This place is probably the safest place in the world. Mark is working in the team of American epidemic adviser Anthony Fauci. The report said that in this north-eastern rural state, 82 percent of people 12 years of age or older have had at least one dose of the vaccine, compared to an average of 64 percent of people in the US who have received at least one vaccine. Dose taken so far. That is, more people than the American average have taken the vaccine in Vermont.

A sense of community cooperation among the people of Vermont
Mississippi is the worst state in terms of vaccines. In Vermont, twice as many people have been given the vaccine as compared to this state. For this credit is being given to the local authorities. Through his efforts, vaccine centers were opened in Vermont, trust in science and leaders was instilled, and people at the community level instilled a sense of responsibility. The Health Department’s Lake Champlain said that the people of Vermont give a lot of importance to health. This was the most important thing for the start of the vaccine campaign. The people of Vermont are also more cooperative and obedient in this matter.

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