Variants, cats and gods: Loki has a date with Kafka in a show dedicated to him

The Marvel series, which features Thor’s half-brother, makes a lot of talk with a first teaser that delves into the absurd and the meanders of time.

In the encyclopedia of Marvel characters, Loki holds a special place. Created almost 60 years ago in the saga recounting the modernized adventures of Thor, the Norse god of mischief and lies was at first the mere foil of his half-brother: an enemy whose tricks and plans were systematically thwarted by the Thunderlord. But like what Batman’s Joker has become, the villain of the Thor series has won, over the years, in thickness and sympathy. In the comics, he even has his own adventures on several occasions. And has a few regiments of fans.

It was not obvious that this complex character, deeply destructive and selfish but always caught up by his fate of looser, successfully passed the bar of transposition to the cinema. However, Tom Hiddelston’s Loki is one of the MCU’s successes. The British comedian, the writers, the directors have found the right balance which gives the character his fragile character: an overpowered super villain who fails in all his attempts to conquer the world, a jealous brother, a duped and duplicitous son, all matinated humor and self-mockery. Anyway, the cross between the bip-bip coyote and Lex Luthor. The success was immediate with viewers and it’s no surprise that Marvel is now offering their own series to the character.

The trailer leaves fans speechless as it opens up a universe (a multiverse) with dark and uncertain outlines. By manipulating one of the stones of power, Loki would have, it is believed, modified the curve of time and realities. What displeases the Keepers of Time, an administration inspired by Kafkaesque, which watches over the smooth running of the worlds. And make sure that everyone stays in their place. It is therefore up to the god taken prisoner to restore order to this disorder in which he is in the habit of reveling. To discover on Disney + from June 9.


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