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Vandalism of Sri Lankan citizen in Pakistan, all bones broken, dead body burnt up to 99 percent

Man Tortured and Killed: After the horrific incident of the lynching of Sri Lankan national Priyantha Kumara Diyavadana in Pakistan’s Punjab province, the postmortem report of the deceased has revealed important details. Quoting the post-mortem report, Geo News said that almost all the bones of Diyavadana’s body were broken and the body was 99 percent burnt. Supporters of the hardline Islamist party Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) attacked a garment factory on Friday and lynched its general manager Diyawadna (40) on charges of blasphemy. The mob then set his body on fire.

According to the news of Geo News, in the postmortem report of Diyavadana, fracture of skull and jawbone has been cited as the cause of death. According to the report, his vital organs, liver, stomach and one kidney were affected, while the marks of torture were all over the body. The spinal cord was broken in three places. The postmortem report revealed that 99 per cent of Diyavadana’s body was burnt and the bones of the entire body were broken except for a toe bone.

The body will be sent to Lahaul

A Punjab Police spokesperson said that after the postmortem, Diyawadana’s body would be sent to Lahore where it would be handed over to the Sri Lankan consulate. The report quoted an official as saying that after all the legal formalities, the body would be sent to Sri Lanka by a special aircraft. Meanwhile, a video has surfaced in which a man is seen trying to save Diyavadana.

Case against more than 800 people

After Diyavadana’s death, another person is seen pleading not to set the dead body on fire, but the angry mob pushes him aside. More than 800 people have been booked on terrorism charges in this incident after increasing pressure on the Pakistan government. Apart from this, out of 118 arrested, 13 are prime suspects.

Sri Lanka condemned the incident

Sri Lanka’s Parliament, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa condemned the incident and expressed hope that Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan will bring the culprits to justice and abide by his commitment to ensure the safety of the remaining Sri Lankan migrant workers.

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