Valuation of fintechs: the risk of overheating

Is there a risk of overheating in the payment? In any case, several companies in the sector have tripled their valuation in barely a year to reach stratospheric amounts. This is the case of the American fintech Stripe ($ 95 billion), its listed European competitor Adyen (€ 60 billion), the British ($ 15 billion), or even the specialist in Klarna split payment ($ 31 billion). A few tens of billions, the PayPal juggernaut could integrate this list (292 billion dollars)

Figures that leave you perplexed. “ There is nothing really rational anymore, estimates the payment manager of a large French bank. Especially when we compare these valuations with those of other players operating on much larger perimeters. »There is a real« promotion race », Recognizes the manager of a payment company.

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